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And weather together. Every ten minutes on the tens with John Morrissey. Sounds like you're still up in the jet copter gas. It's been a really really busy morning is wanted to extend the flight a little bit. Things are better on the boulder turnpike. Route mccaslin had a couple of crashes there. Those are pretty much cleaned up. And that boulder turnpike drive is not bad. Even by a hundred for church ranch. We've got heavier traffic that we've had over the last couple of weeks for sure, but it still looks like we've got lighter than normal traffic. So with some folks still taking the week off coming back to work extra Bundy will be first full day. But boy, we've been splashed up this morning even with a little bit less traffic than adorable Wednesday. Southbound I twenty five left lanes still blocked approaching fourth because of a crash your downtown drive. Very heavy I'll build twenty five and. Seventy and now bright sun is making this full effect. Your eastbound drive. So I seventy to eighty five six seaport seventy all really suffer because that bright sun. Northbound I twenty five coming out of the tech center is very slow that because of a crash at Alameda getting down. There was also wanna Gail they moved that out of your way better drive out of the Aurora area. Northbound Parker road that ramp southbound five that crash is clear so a little bit better. There. You're heavy in the tech center. You've got a crash westbound arapahoe approaching I twenty five southbound Colorado is still shut down at I twenty five. That's the Watergate break, and that's gonna be with us. Most of the morning, it looks like it, maybe even in the afternoon us Evans, instead possibly university of work for you. But that drive southbound Colorado closed at I twenty five and all traffic on southbound Colorado be pushed onto highway go down to get off to get on your way and get around are coming out of the foothills better drive up to eighty five cleared up that crash approaching.

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