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Of covert cases in Clarkston she fears the diverse community does not grasp how serious it is Dr city of Veronica seeing an average of forty to fifty percent positive Kobe tests in Clarkston and symptomatic patients moving around the way they did before their diagnoses we are not getting through to these people about the seriousness of it they do not understand social distancing a variety says government foot dragging over closing things down ended up making people downplay the gravity of covert so new police patrols might keep folks indoors it's just the the patrolling the area these people would be because they are scared of the law for Annika waters ninety five point five WSP Cherokee county school board unanimously approved earlier in date for this semester Cherokees public school systems in in the school year on may eighth high school teachers will work with students beyond that date to prepare for AP exams the board puts off a decision on commencement ceremonies till July other metro systems including two cabin Carroll counties have also adjusted their calendar to end earlier nearly eight in ten Americans a new ABC Ipsos poll fear they'll get coronavirus Americans polled think the pandemic will be over by the end of the summer with ninety three percent of Republicans more optimistic than the sixty six percent of Democrats believing that ABC's Andy field says two thirds of Americans wore a mask if out in public this week up from fifty five percent last week Vanka trump encourages others to stay home but instead of sheltering in place the president's eldest daughter and her family travel New Jersey for Passover a stated president trump's golf resort in Bedminster the White House says the family treats that facility as another home D. C. where they live has imposed a stay at home order except for essential activities after Brian dennehey dies at eighty one his family says his death is not corona virus related radiators Tommy known for playing Chris Farley's down in Tommy boy the sheriff going after Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movie first blood we don't want guys like you could go and hundreds of other TV shows movies and plays ABC's Jason Nathanson says Dennehy won two Tonys on Broadway and was voted into the American theatre wing's hall of fame land o'lakes removes the native American woman from boxes of butter the company's featured the butter maiden on its packaging since nineteen twenty eight but the logo has been criticized as racist and stereotypical the new design showcases a body of water lined with evergreens WSB news time six twenty five.

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