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Temple scanner thermometer weather center cloudy and cool again today with some showers still in some areas highs in the fifties this report is sponsored by Caltrans reminding you flashing amber light the head me move over at the end of the day highway workers just want to get home safely to their family so please remember when you see flashing amber lights ahead move over a lane it's safe to do so or slow down it's the law and it could save a life alright here we go available Charlie food Hey this is the last three times over let's get back to the music right now on one of two point seven KIIS FM could fully his full for for to he so we good so thank you I mean Billy Irish backstage at are sold out jingle ball and you know obviously go as well you can enter to win a case of them dot com he word Alex right now actually that was a lie given that Khan cure jingle ball I'm definitely not looking up an opportunity myself is so if and and the case is.

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