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You know i'd like some specifics though all of this graham as saying that each state would get a lump sum of federal money and they get the spend it as they wish any point vermont as expressed interest in a state government runs finance single payer our system laven canada now if they want to do that i'm i'm fine with whatever vermont does i'm never going to live in vermont unless nacka so what do you want to tell my son just walked into the studio you want to tell me what you want to tell me i tell everybody i don't i don't know if i want to share this to the general want us there this to the general public which what what happened today now nari all right i it's not a big deal on that word all right there you go oh great create seriously as my good news of the day adds fine so anyway so i wanna know the devils in the details and all the i don't care what vermont does with their block rant in california probably wants to single payers let them how i'm never going back to california living california five years beautiful state but i'm not paying thirty gene and a half percent of my income and in state taxes for it to be wasted in california i'm now going to be careful like so many other americans are and we're actually comparing and contrasting what states offer before we make decisions about whether we're gonna move there one of the great facets getting developments of of states with their high taxes burdensome regulation their unfair treatment of individuals that enjoy any level of successes.

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