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Tickets best ticket it's coding tie it's like going to the kentucky derby no so i guess him in a frame from brazil who he knew from the school got a couple of free tickets somebody gave him too so when they walked in this be ip room wearing shorts somebody said those you can imagine those bridge those tickets to not belong to write that things like must have stolen so then he he lives with him he goes back when when when he comes back and worked with manchester city mcmahon is what usually have dinner for christmas you know it's a what's it called the boxing day day after christmas all that stuff so they had to change the christmas habits for lunch that they still do it and when i realize i said you know he's a great human being i can see what he did they weren't hurt about and they were proud but at the same time it's like letting kid grow in winning finish up growing up he's gonna come back in that they did that story i came back to mexico city you can imagine the hassle it was to sit him down and how can the now side or do a story no it was like an if we can't do it i can't sit down clown god you're saying because he s pm has the story for the powers that be within the federation to allow you supposedly have to come out from the ritual friends correct so we got there i remember rightsholders don't have john sutcliffe but it was it was it goes to show the power struggles you have everything but if i don't have long caddo sit down it doesn't come off running you have espn in bristol because it was in english and the the driving you crazy they want to get it done he'll unit done you have don't compete with accomplishment if you don't get it done it's not done correct but it was great one carlos sat down that they looked around and said take your time john told the pr john don't worry you think all the time you want in manali rondo was there because they were gonna use the room that's the first time i really talk with about around they were going to use that for some kind of meeting and then when i use my my iphone and we did video on what's up and he talked to them song for the first time twelve years i have tears in my eyes but i almost because bumps i realized what it meant for them for the mcmanus family i remember we weren't confed cup less you're here in russia in juliet on carlos wife saw me said thank you thank you for the story funk cutter watched it and he couldn't stop crying he's not going to tell you that i'll tell you and you captured the moment the facetime as part of the story for those you haven't seen it go to ucf portis poon tacoma know a lot of our audience maybe speaks the window called the window and you yes soda soda in english that window they did in english as well it was a great hit yeah just to finish the story on it you know like he showed up last year out of the blue to see them so he's gone there twice right kind of it kind of opened all not to use it open the window again the carpenter you know very humble working class people very small home great i'm in contact with him i took him a bottle doorbell tequila bitcoin caddo saurian he said will not open until he wins his first game in the world cup so imagine i bet you that bottles pop magin what what it meant for them in each showed up at like six months ago in and thomas john carlos got me on a jacket my son says it's worth two thousand pounds what should i do be proud so they'll try things new the human guy was here the working guy was there then you see what happened on sunday they way he practices and tells the players what they're going to see an imagine you played many years in mexico that doesn't happen that you play journal i wanted i wanted to ask you about that because you you've been around this team for so long you've been with carlos and see the way he works from inception from day one ten now what changes have you seen not only in the.

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