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Is after hours with Amy Lawrence bombs away from the Los Angeles Dodgers Charley Steiner with the calls on the Dodgers radio network as they were hosting the blue jays they love to play at home and with their big victory they are now a matched up with the Yankees identical records for best in the majors eighty three and forty four the Yankee spell in Oakland in their first game of that west coast swing it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio what you do not hear with Charley Steiner is that when Cody Ballenger was thrown out of third so he was trying to stretch on a throw he was trying to stretch what would be a double into three bags any guest at third base to be thrown out and in flight he loses his pants the perfect for the home show right some days you'll get into the bag faithfully some days you're thrown out and you lose your pants but he didn't he didn't give us that blow by blow description and so if he ends up with his now one hundred RBI but doesn't have another home run you had another home run though from Mike trout so both trout and Ballenger have forty two Dinger's now you didn't have one for people on so for the New York Mets though did they did have another big blow in keeping pace so this is series against the in the end and they're trying trying desperately to work their way back into one of those top two and a wild card spot is the one to to Conforto swing.

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