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Bedbug. Yeah. And looking at my pager, and there was a call from Chuck Pagano, the casting director. I'm running late for a call back with James Coburn movie brush my teeth, and I flew the fuck up, then I booked, the fucking moving straight off a coke. I woke up at ten and the guy was supposed to be at Radford and eleven o'clock. He calmly like Thakin ten to eleven don't say on the waiting room. You got call by you want this movie, not Africa? I looked at my eyes I had those cocaine. Yeah. I'm like, I'm not gonna get this. But I'm going up now on fucking coke from from robbing that, fuck in the I robbed the ski company. The job. You got me opening up the ski company member suddenly else's. He gave it the Henry. Who would gave somebody Miller is the name of the Warren Miller? But then who did you work for who gave it Matt parents? Matt parrott. Parrot. Where is he? You know what? I, I had two numbers for him. He's done. I texted him my parallel that your job right on the gun show map parrot looked out for me man. Really good permanent. Still buddies with Billy Gardell, is he. Yeah, so he still sees Billy. So I've been trying to. I've been trying to find a but gave you the job. Yeah. For two years. Yeah. Warm. Yeah. Then they gave it to me. I think it was eight hundred night. Yeah. It was pretty good money man hundred night. They gave you one check. Wait, but there were two young kids. Why college from bolder, and I'm watching my hall? I'm seeing that charge. Twenty two door and that count cash afterward and putting them eleven. I'm like these mother fuckers. Down. They don't know what I'm a master of deception. So I did the two weeks up north membe. Yeah. Then you work yourself down to Carlsbad and saying the we Jonathan Terry's got the green. Dodged. That was a piece of shit at the speedometer around in circles. Get twenty. We were broke his up. Yeah. Eight hundred fucking night. She was going down to make sure I brought the check home. Like the first time I pulled on picking up eight thousand dollars. She's like I'm going with you. Yeah. We stopped probably pretty smart, Bakersfield them TV I still got that TV. Live again all that Peavy as the first TV I bought with the sweat of comedy. Does still have is thank your hours. You can't pick it up. It's one of those things. Yeah. You can't fuck that. Hercules, can't pick these watch it. Yes. In the bedroom? I refuse to I go. You don't know how much we still have the original VCR too, that we bought it at work. Yep. You use it the c the, it's in the bedroom of mercy has it a CD player? That's a man. It's still work. We stopped him Bakersfield in the eating neon. Yeah. The neon and we put the TV in the trunk like Puerto Ricans was hanging out hanging on five coming home, and I'll never forget that fuck him what I was down in Carlsbad with her a meant we went to KMart to buy clothes, when we walked out socks, white underwear all the top rung, our the buy socks we walked out there was a burrito lady walking around in the parking lot. And what to Burri those two tamales? And I bet the two mile anger. We gotta go back. We met a u-turn on the five on all the way back. What the lady out? That's good. That's how fat fuck, I world. I bought the lady out. Warren bila. But so now I worked there is day Friday and I'm watching that got sold out cross. I'm watching them put this money in the sack watched them put it Nissan truck. They're fucking every night. It's having up had enough. And finally, Sunday watched like steel that fucking though and I watched a county because you had to go up and hosting the beginning and then go up in the middle. Do a raffle. Yeah. Giveaway skis by Warren millet..

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