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That is that ball that ball variety because I think they were just too many it was just too many shots I think from her that just sat up middle of the court there to be hit and that's and you don't want to do that with Danielle Collins across the net from you. Exactly. And I think Collins, you know, I didn't quite realize this, but since she came back after that surgery last year, she has been really on it, her first two titles, which again, I would have, I think, when we saw her do that at the time, I was surprised that she hadn't already won a title. But she's got 36 ten record since coming back, which is very impressive. And now into the top ten. So I think, you know, it's just getting a bit like rapha, you know, coming back after an injury lay off, not really sure how it's gonna go. You know, I think Collins is just so grateful as well to kind of be at this stage after all her health woes. And I guess it shows what she could have done years ago if she hadn't have been hindered by her endometriosis, which must have been obviously such a big impact on her life. And I've just really pleased that she's kind of got through that side and she's now in this position. It's just you can't help, but be happy for her. You know, even if you're not particularly a fan of hers or yell it or her yelling or you know find her a bit aggressive or whatever, I just think it's such a nice story. You know Kim, you know that yell is coming out in the final against ash Barty in front of you. Yeah. I mean, let's just look, let's just kind of preview the final because ash Barty, Daniel Collins, Ashbaugh leads the head to head three one. Barty won their previous meeting in Australia in 2020 at Adelaide in a final set tiebreak. I mean, Kim, where are you on this? So is Barty just going to steamroll it? I mean, this is her third American in a row, pegula keys Collins. Arguably Collins plays a similar game to keys, but perhaps her execution is at a higher level than keys that could challenge Barty. And the other thing as well is the pressure of the situation going to get to party because and Andy Murray at Wimbledon. She's aiming to become the first home champion down under since 1978. So I feel like there's quite a few factors at play, isn't there? Definitely. I think Collins generally speaking doesn't seem to have the same usually the same sort of fear, stepping onto a court. She doesn't care what she certainly doesn't show it, yeah. And I think that is what she's what you're going to have to need a facing overwhelming home favor on her home court going for him. She's going to love it though. I think she's going to revel in that though, isn't she? I hope so, 'cause I want to say a competitive match. I don't want to say a job in 6 one 6 two by Barty like you know we want a good match and also I mean even if you're an Aussie fan, maybe you'd want a good match or not just to have it be over in an hour. They've also got an Australian doubles final following afterwards. So a lot of people will be well buoyed up for that as well. But I think I can't look beyond Barty winning, of course. I think they would have to take a real. Collapse mentally from her at the thought of what she would be about to achieve. You know, in front of her home fans. And it would have to take a supreme performance from Collins. And I both of those likely to happen to such an extent they would turn it from being Barty straight set to Collins winning. I don't think so. I think you just have to go with the kind of record going through this tournament. But what he's only been on court for about 6 hours, which is just ridiculous. Her legs are so fresh. So fresh. Yeah, I know what you mean and I think with ash bharti, she will go in as obviously the overwhelming favorite and it will almost feel like a shock if she loses a set given that I think the dominance that she has had. Yeah, but again, if you are to ask me who do I think is going to win? Who do I want to win? I still want Daniel Collins to win. I just think she's great for the tour and to add another name into the phrase at a Grand Slam champion. I think is great. I also wonder, be interesting. If Daniel Collins did win and she became one of these new Grand Slam title winners. Maybe that also will take a little bit of the focus that will obviously still be massive focus on emerging, but adding another single Grand Slam winner into the pot, perhaps takes a little bit of the focus off. So yeah, anyway, I would love to see Daniel Collins win, but at the same time, if I'm going with my head, it's got to be ash bharti. Yeah. Straight sets. It's just been relentless and I'm just a little bit, I guess it worried that Collins is just going to play it like Madison keys and she might execute a bit better.

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