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A senseless so fill an anecdote here because i did what i did in hell when i was a student unlike bill clinton and i'd like to tell my students his story because it's absolutely is limited or rendered here in a coach aware hopa experimented with well cannibus serves a very strong cannibus and wrote a poem uh and i really believe that i had supersede anything of my favorite poet william butler yeats and when i woke up the next morning gibberish total gibberish who made no sense whatsoever absolute teuber exactly so it turns out that the brain is constantly generating possibilities and matsche's up of things that have come before but because we're humans we also know what will stick with other humans we have a sense of that and so the the filter and processes to really important piece of it bother rights bartec is meant more to do in life and with technology including netflixing binges and way rights y way back in 1963 my college you wanna one professor geared harden where there is a name urban interviewed him for science magazine many many years ago he was ago believed that we were in a lifeboat and we had a deal with top in by thinning it out because we were getting very controversial maybe rates good news there is no guarantee that intelligence has any of illusionary value would you guess please comment on the negative possibilities have our innovation explosion how do we prevent all the negative consequences were endless creativity y'all so um there's no doubt that we need to make a better world that humans are have many flaws we're certainly seeing that on every possible level right now and that this magnificent software in our brain is not always put to the best possible use in terms of making the world a better place nevertheless we are in again optimis about at that if any of.

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