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You were not permitted to do you would also be anxious and depressed. And from DNA standpoint. They are programmed to wake up hunt catch kill. And so this is what kept behaviors call the seeking circuit. It's this part of their brain, that drives them to hind and releases dopamine when they do is there any way to strike a balance so to give the cats this excitement, but also keep them save. Yes. So that's actually what Jackson teaches owners to do. And what he was trying to advise me to do is just play with your cat more so many ways that you can split the difference. And it is definitely a harder parenting choice to do the work, you know, as opposed to open the door. So Liz, what have you in Willie decided to do with a half now? She is still going outside. We are talking about it, but I have told you. Really that especially after hearing once again, all of the horrible things that can happen to cats when they go outside, did, I really do want to try and bring her in. So currently making plans to see about making that happen closed the door the door. Thanks. Liz, thanks, Megan. That's all show for this week. The pulse production of WHYY in Philadelphia our health and science. Reporters are Alan you list tongue jets, Lehman and Steph, yet, we have production assistance from Julian Harris, Andy copes is our intern Charlie. Kyler is our engineer Lindsey Lazar sqi is our producer. I'm Mike in Scott. Thank you for listening..

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