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We mention that at the Super Bowl when he came in with that corduroy coat on yeah that was a nice looking coat off more than my car no that's not something I could probably pull off but he came in in in the Miami weather wearing a corduroy jacket it was killing that was a sharp will in it and and it so he's got this video I think it's called the Tootsie slide with him and his wife and it's a good shot out to Drake I guess but his wife is a phenomenal dancer thank you watch that you go I can I don't even know if I could do what Russell does in the video let alone her we'll take a break I got it I guess it's a surprise phone call coming up member I mention the man meat madness bracket challenge that one of our listeners came up with it's a hot guy draft same Shawn Steffi and of course Steffi gave us the man meat madness bracket challenge and he'll tell you who is the hottest man hello yes yeah I am a professional broadcaster someone award winning broadcast you smell that I mean there are high you could know that's paints and stains from the Tom Brady mural that we're redoing their Sean in Florida is the big winner of Todd scoreboard forty eight twenty two you can explain that when we come back I know you can't came up with one of the numbers there the twenty two forty eight not sure about so we'll come back with that close up shop last call for phone calls after this right now trigger grills is hoping that you're focused on the things that truly matter like family and friends but also flavor not only is cooking a great cure for cabin fever it's also an amazing way to bond with the people who matter most in your life so go ahead fire up the.

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