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Radio one chris foster a passenger's bag hitting the fuel shot off funds being looked at as a possible cause of a helicopter crash in new york city yesterday into the east river all five passengers died strapped into their seats the pilot got out though here's a witness then sort of climbed out of the helicopters climbed onto the wrath was calling screaming prayer for how the pilot was picked up by a passing tugboat their reports of another explosion in austin texas with one person heard we don't know yet if this is related to a package bomb left on a doorstep this morning killing a 17yearold boy police chief primarily says that's similar to a package bomb to kill the men there ten days ago that you've received the package that you were not expecting that is not from someone that you expected to receive a pack and from or for some reason viewed view cause for concern then call nine one one until we've gotten to the bottom of this and cleared these cases fox news reports suicide i am bruce veil with your money now goldman sachs is losing one of the executives who was a candidate to replace chief executive lloyd blind fine when he retires possibly by the end of the year the bank said kohl operating chief and president harvey schwartz would retire on april 20th setting up david solomon as its next ceo mr solomon will become the sole operating chief and president the two men were told by mr blank fine last week the mr solomon would likely be his successor leading mr schwarz to announce he would leap goldman sachs shares are up a fraction today the broader market is mixed with the dow jones industrial average down one hundred thirty five points the nasdaq composite is up forty one and the s p 500 is down on the fraction scientology is taking the television the church announced on.

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