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It's moving toward food and moving away from something and One of the things that they found is that slime mold can actually Learn and not only learn to like stay away from something it can actually teach other slime mold to stay away from it even slime mold. It's never been introduced to it or alternately. It can teach this is the really the garter Fact it can teach others slime mold that something that seems harmful is actually harmless is pretty cool experiment. Yeah so these. Researchers put slime molds They built a little tiny bridge very cute. And they coated this bridge in a noxious substance It wasn't harmful to them. It was harmless salt or something say and then they put the little those little outfits on the other side as their ultimate temptation. And so these first slime mold start creeping up to it in sort of dip in their little toe in the water and in This stuff is pretty noxious. just then they learned. I like okay so it's not actually harmful. I can go across this stuff. And what they found was that it learned to cross the bridge. Just as fast as slime molds that were placed on bridges. That didn't have any coding going on right so it said this fine. He's gross his way too salty. But it's not gonna hurt me. So i'm gonna get to food just as fast right. That's pretty amazing enough self but you're right they We need like a banner matter. Noli come in and say i totally So they take the slime mold and break it apart and fuse together with other. Slime molds that have never been exposed to this noxious stuff before. They're called naive. And the other ones are called habituated and those naive ones. When they encounter this noxious stuff like a salt bridge for the first time. They don't approach it with trepidation. They go right across it as fast as the habituated ones that it's fused to. This is really weird..

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