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Hold on, I'm just gonna show you a picture, 'cause I was wondering what you were doing over there. Yeah, I have to show you a picture of him because yeah, okay, now okay, Mike, now come here. Hold on a second. Tell me. All right. All right, hold on. Let me get back to this one here. You're doing that. Somebody on your feet said that some of her followers are pissed because she's begging to get back on Twitter. Yeah, I mean, if they don't understand all this, like they're all pissed off at Trump because he said, I got boosted in fact. You should too. Now look, that's not real. Somebody made it. That's real. That can not be real. That's her feet. She looks like Fred flintstone. I know that's that's why I'm saying it, it's worthy of comment. Look at those things. Does she have a car that she pedals with her feet? Seriously. Come on. This is feet by Hanna barbera. Come on. This is not real. It is. The Kate frees, but always happy to see you together. Thanks for the 5 bucks. I looked up my feet, but I'm wearing boots. No, and I agree with you some people do focus on feet, but that is just, I mean, that's got awful, you know what I mean? It wasn't she a personal trainer in her prior life. Yeah, but I mean, and she was so stupid. With feet like that, she decided to take a shoes off to be on the beach with mat gaetz out here in California. That's when that photo was snapped. Cosmic rose said, yeah, but. Yeah. So anyway, I want to put a giant like rack of brontosaurus ribs on her car. I know, I know. You know what, John, it's funny 'cause this is your that's why it's funny that you didn't, I didn't get elaborated when I said you can't wait to get a back on the keyboard. You had no idea what I was talking about. I'm sitting here with all my notes with like, let's get into the esoteric civil versus criminal investigation. And you're like, have you seen her feet? See, this doesn't happen and of course. People are like, you should be a judge Pope. What about attorney general Pope bug? No, because then I can't do this. I have a friend..

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