Donald Trump, Tom Roberts, Twitter discussed on Saturday Morning Show


John Martin is an FAA engineering technician affected by the down. It's a little frustrating. Because as a Federal Reserve, you feel sometimes like, you're you're this. Martin is hoping lawmakers will resolve their differences and end the shutdown soon. Meanwhile, President Trump remaining out of public view on Friday, but did take Twitter threatening to close down the southern US border. If Democrats can't agree to fund his border wall. Tom Roberts has more. On Twitter Friday morning. The president said the United States lost around seventy five billion dollars a year on trade with Mexico under NAFTA, Trump repeated a number of times in the threat that we will build a wall or we close the southern border Trump claimed that Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador are doing nothing but taking money from the US, Tom Roberts NBC News Radio. Andrew Cuomo praising con Ed and shooting down conspiracy theories after an electrical arc lit up the night sky New York City on Thursday, James flippin has the story. It was quite a sight on Thursday around nine twenty eerie blue light filled the sky governor Cuomo says no it wasn't a nuclear blast. It wasn't a UFO landing the parking of that electricity was basically a man made lightning bolt. Although as a queens native, he understands people who aren't so sure we can be skeptical of government, bureaucracies still he says, it was in fact, an equipment malfunction that he saw with his own two eyes. Got the power back on a amazing a short period of.

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