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So people of my generation sort of reinterpreting this thing that they're queer elders. Held up as dislike vital early pre stonewall thing a distorted like insistence on gay. Visibility. So it comes fraught this piece, this piece comes so laden with meaning both personally, and culturally for people that it's kind of hard to grapple with and I think that's probably also what's What incited such like repulsed reaction for me is that like the thing just hits big either either good or bad you know and for me feeling as part of that kind of like. I Dunno lost generation or whatever like I not lost at all but but sort of middle, generation? Feel. A little I. Don't know the younger gay person is because I think. So much of it is going to seem like ancient in terms of the humor and whole you know this this pageant of self loathing and I'm and I know that are kids today who feel that and I you know I wouldn't I wouldn't ever begin to say that like everything is fixed but. I don't know I'll be very curious to see how the whole thing is received when it's out I've been tardy. Well. It's coming what two weeks after Rachid Premieres which I guess ratchet is getting watched a lot but you know it's been a big year for Ryan Murphy Adjacent Netflix Projects, and then the the problem which feels like if anything like at the Golden Globes nominee and anything can be a problem. So I wonder how this kind of will fit into the overall arc of Ryan Murphy and his extremely expensive Netflix's deal and how it's kind of rolled out in force this year. The Ryan Murphy of it all is its own podcast feel like that. That whole thing and it's interesting that that's happening right as Britain Shonda rhimes as I show for net flicks is I think available for critics to screen right now these are the two huge kind of you know tent pole production TV deals that depolas data in the past few years and. I don't know that Ryan's Marine Murphy's is going. that. Well. But I think from. Beyond my own perspective like boys in the band is going over well, like it's been awhile reviewed I think either based on the responses to like when I tweeted my review out like people are love or hate it definitely GonNa Watch it granted that some confirmation bias based on who follows in who I interact with on twitter but. I don't know I think that like in some ways kind of. Like a violent reaction positively or negatively is the point and and so I mean mission accomplished even though I gave a bad review. Muslim. It's a little little bit of a sidebar but the way that this kind of exist as he filmed version of a play, not quite they but they cast in what the constitution means to. Me is coming to Amazon and a couple of weeks and obviously Hamilton earlier this year it's been an interesting year for letting Broadway shows have a second life which. I think if you're on Broadway and there's no prospects for reopening anytime soon like maybe that's a relief just like some of these works get to live on at all in front of the rest of us. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean I this is made me. I'm more curious to see what other theater makes its way to to film even either between like. Literally a stage thing like Hamilton or this. I think that. A lot of these plays are going to have to sort of re interpreted for film because. Gathering public by not be possible for a long time. If you Jackman music. Man is a net. One night. Special I. Don't know. I guess I'll see it. Okay, and for our last show to catch up on. JOINT WE'RE GONNA talk we're GonNa have your interview with Jessie. Buckley. But unless unloaded about this season of Fargo, you have been I feel like a Fargo. You kind of expanding the Gospel since the very beginning and I haven't watched any of the season yet but I'm really curious about it like Chris Rock being on it is obviously intriguing. It's kind of a further back in the past period piece How is it? Yeah, it's interesting. I've been I have been a huge. No Holly Fan since Fargo Season One premiered on fx. Years ago and His the Holly Empires. Spread from there in terms of Lake, you know he did Legion and then he did the Natalie Portman astronaut movie and then he's doing this i. think he's still doing the Star Trek movie I think he's still on that project and my you know from afar diagnosis is that like maybe no holly has spread himself a little too thin would be my. Take on things because there's a lot to love about Fargo but it doesn't end. We should say, of course, Fargo is sort of infamously one of one of the biggest productions that was shut down by Cova then came back and finish in his now premiering, and so there was like a big covert interruption of making the season and so like I just feel like. For. Me Fargo needs like three more spins through the wash in order to like you know tighten it up to where like Fargo season one was I, feel like Fargo is a show you know as an anthology shows I mean it's just gotten lake looser and wilder as it's going on and there's virtues to that. Especially, I mean our guest this week Jessie Buckley. Actually love her on the show I. She's incredible. What she's doing is amazing. It's like physical transformation without like makeup. It's still like bodywork physical transformation, but she's on a quirk level that I find really enjoyable. But then like sort of a lot of the people in the cast appear to be like meeting her on that court level on it's like it doesn't feel calibrated as maybe past seasons of Fargo felt in terms of like balancing the oddball performances with a human story at the center that you feel like you can get swept up in. So that's my take on Fargo before it is an incredible gas Chris. Rock and Chris Rock is great i. mean he's he's sort of like kind of the straight man in the center of everything. But like he's he's great Schwartzman Jason Schwartzman who I, love and a lot of other projects. One of the people that I could turn down an honor to my boy Ben wishes here you know and a lot of like a fun character actor faces. You know that that you exactly what you want to see in a Fargo but it just feels it feels a little overstuffed to me in a in the way that lake later Legion also felt Richard Uni any thoughts? Well I. Think First of all, it's a coup that you got him credited in the opening credits as Joanna's boy. Which I thought that was shaded that long. That's well-done. I I think I've defended the Fargo series longer than some people have I even like the most recent season with you and McGregor that was the most recent season yeah. And I think a lot of people have sort of soured on it. I mean because the first one to are really good this one, it feels like basically what you said sort of hampered by its ambition and by its creators over extension of himself but as is true of any Fargo it does at least contain really interesting performances. I don't always interesting good in that in this case but. But it's an odd assemblage of actors I mean who would have guessed that Chris Rock, and Ben wishaw and Jason Schwartzman. All like in a period gangster story together. It's so fricking weird but but. You know there's kind of that's up to that and it looks great. It's like a high end production. You know so so yeah, I mean I think it's definitely worth checking out and you know not just because we have her Interview with Joanna but like but like it's really continually exciting to watch Jesse badly star just kind of like shoot into the stratosphere absolute end to do such a different role from thinking of things to do for. That was so different from wild rose like she just keeps showing us these facets of her talent at like barely thirty and I think that's really really exciting. She told me that she got she. She got the ending things role because of her Fargo screen tests like that. They love it and saw it and I can kind of see the bridge between the two in terms of like amid westernise as obviously like dialed up to like a frenzy in Fargo but..

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