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To figure things out himself and there may be a time where you don't make a visit and let him figure it out in eventually they all will lavelle got thrown out of a game and he got into beef with the empire because pitch framing yada air molina pitch framing what about pitch framing how do you do it what is all catchers are good and just catching the ball and and modestly mardi i think it's the relationship that the catchers have with umpires bed may get them that borderline pitch on occasion but you got to catch the ball words thrown you gotta give it a good look to the fire in a major league catcher you're you know you're going to have soft hans you're gonna know how to work move your body with breaking balls move your hands with change up so there's all those little things that you're trying to make every pitch looked like a strike and some guys are better than others and it's it is a tough thing to judge because you'd have games with the same catcher and you get a pitch in the same area and one's a ball and one's a strike so you can kind of tell where i'm going with that very good i loved gert young always good to talk all right you pitch that was terry steinbach is a trainer in you're seeing it i mean i'm pires like quick games so that borderline pitch when it does go in shouldn't advantage of the picture i think it helps us.

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