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I'm Arema Grace in for Kyra SDL. It is Monday, January the 18th that Zahavi all along, So we're going to start off the show with evictions, which surely is on the minds of millions of people, consuming them, making it hard to focus or sleep. Or do much of anything. At least 14 million people are currently behind on rent. That's according to the latest data from the center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Only thing. Keeping many of them in their homes is the CDC eviction moratorium, but that set expire at the end of the month. Now President elect Joe Biden. He says he wants to extend federal eviction protections through September and as market places to meet the fields, reports. He is also proposing billions and rental assistance. Congress just approved $25 billion in rental assistance as part of the latest covert relief package in December. Douglas Rice at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says that money can be used both for background and future rent payments. My estimate is that anywhere from 2 to 6 million households This year will be helped. Yet it's still just a fraction of the more than 14 Million adult renters who report being behind on rent. President elect Biden has proposed an additional 25 billion. But it will likely take a while for rental assistance to actually reach people. That is why housing advocates are pushing Biden to extend and strengthen federal eviction protections before they expire this month. Emily Ben for chairs the American Bar Association's Cove in 19 Committee on eviction, She says the current CDC moratorium isn't protecting everyone, many tenants they're not aware of their rights under the eviction moratorium, or they feel intimidated in triggering their rights. Strengthening the federal moratorium would give state and local governments time to get rent relief out to the people who need it, says Zack Newman. An attorney with the Denver based Cove in 19 Addiction Defense project. It just seems like a really terrible outcome of this moment. Have hundreds of thousands or millions of people evicted around the country when money is on the way that, Newman says, is his biggest fear that tenants will be evicted right before rental assistance arrives. I'm Samantha Fields for marketplace. I know taxes can be uncomfortable to think about and talk about. Yes, that may or may not be a shameless plug for my marketplace Podcast. This is uncomfortable. But this year, Texas are going to be even more of a head scratcher from stimulus checks to unemployment, insurance marketplaces and dealer has more on what accountants and folks like me and you. To be wary of Doing your taxes in a normal year is something a lot of folks dread. Patrick Thomas has the tax clinic at the University of Notre Dame, he says. This year is gonna be especially tough. There are so many factors that Go into the determination of state tax residency, but this year, it's going to be even more complicated, he says. Because so many people work from home this year, taxpayers may have to do more research and paperwork states are fighting over who gets to collect tax revenue from people who live and work across state lines. There aren't a couple of things that we do know, though. Stimulus checks are not taxed, but unemployment benefits are at the federal level and buy some states Aerial tour. Oh, Kleiman teaches tax law at the University of San Diego. So when you get your unemployment check, you want to make sure that Taxes are being set aside or the taxes are being withheld to pay the federal taxes, she says. With 10.7 million people out of work. There are a lot of folks who've never collected unemployment before, so they need to be aware of that. Another difference this year, the iris won't be accepting federal tax returns until February. 12 Andrew Hayashi of the University of Virginia Law School says. That means people will have to wait longer for that check from the I. R s low income households who claim the earned income tax credit rely on that T O get current on some of the holiday bills, he says many would file their taxes the first week in January. Now they can't The April 15th deadline, though, currently remains unchanged. I'm a dealer for marketplace on Wall Street today. Well, the markets are closed because of the holiday. But we'll have different kind of numbers. Paycheck.

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