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Going to have the 7 tray suited, man. Then it's 7 18. Two or three bad Jackson two, there will be calls for that and stuff like that. So just people will play with every aggressively short stackers. We'll be going to see a lot more people short short cycle as well. But did you say poor people short stacking? No, I said. Check the tape. I said a lot more people, short stay. That would just be my advice and some things. Raise big. Really big. Test the limit of what people will call and if they'll call ten X, maybe they'll call it 12 X. Maybe they'll call 14. You just really find the limit as to how much money they're willing to put in preflop and push preflop equity advantage. I love that. That's a good only plane one, two, this particular card room. And one of the things I've noticed that's been really difficult is I just finished the masterclass. And what I've learned doesn't seem to apply in a lot of these live card games. So you count all the money in the pot three times the last bet and the money in the pot. Nobody folds in these games. And so trying to figure out my bet sizing doesn't work in a lot of these games. And so I'm trying to figure out then do I try to adjust and keep up being my bet sizing when I want to raise or do I try to follow the advice and the things that I'm learning in these games and that's been really difficult to figure out playing live. Yeah, like online, typically you've got to go through one fish. Like post swap. So you get to bluff a lot. And they will over fold in lots of situations. But live you're battling like a school building. One of them in the school is probably going to call down, so I wouldn't blow up a ton multi way in live poker. And I think kind of to the point you made earlier too, is like, yeah, you should. If your eyes aren't getting respect, make them bigger. And that they're still not getting respect, you know, be a little more polar and make them a little more bigger. I think naturally too, if you tie in just not sea bedding, if it's 5 ways. Sure. If you're just never do that, then you're not going to find yourself in those situations where you have a low equity handle member. Unnatural. It's not like a combo drop it bricked out or something like that. And so you have less opportunities to place big bets. And have one of the school school of fish guys. Probably down. In another thing, people are taking the data and the information from the class. It's going to be good against strong opponents, but we certainly need to be adjusting and adapting our style and game and our sizes to bad players to tables full of bad players, you know. So yeah, like larger sizes, less bluffs and getting betting more for value. Exclusively, isolating trying to get it heads up, whatever it takes to get a heads up or attention. To think it's fair that you can probably bet slightly thinner for value as well, but a couple tips down more than you normally would. Sure, sure. I would probably raise your value betting threshold multi way. Significantly higher than you would imagine, it needs to be. Because there's a wide. I think to when you have four or 5 players, multiway solvers are don't really exist to the best of my knowledge. Four ways or 5 ways. So to be able to push equity on the flop against four opponents, you need a very strong hand and there's a video or a playing star's crushers, pluribus was an AI that some team built to play boat. And the one big takeaway from that experience when you watch it back are these multi way pods where plural of us is checking up seemly strong hands in situations that you would never imagine we would be checking. Multi way. And I think that in live poker specifically, like this raise your value bet threshold. Much higher than you would imagine that it needs to be. Top pair of top kicker against 5 players probably not good enough to bet..

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