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As battle with depression to become a messenger for hope tonight on news, eight Levin lookout for lead. John yambol. That's one of the stories. We're following on AM seven sixty local elementary school is reporting elevated levels of lead in some of its water fountains. Parents Juarez elementary school in the Serra Mesa area were notified in a letter this week that four thousand one faucet tested above the district mandated lead actually level of five parts per billion. The fountains have been taken out of service. Flu cases in San Diego County are on the rise. Health officials report lab confirmed influenza cases increased by about twenty-five percent last week. However, there were no flu related deaths reported. This report is sponsored by in and out burger in and out burger, fresh fact in and out makes hamburger patties daily with fresh premium beef that is specially selected because fresh is what it's all about right now, clear skies. Fifty one degrees at Lindberg. Field. The dolls are on the road against on -tario. John gamble AM seven sixty KFI talk at breaking news CBS news special report, he cast twenty eight thousand five hundred fifty one votes in the house and served under eleven presidents. Former Michigan congressman John Dingell has died in two thousand fourteen he told the CBS evening news. I was a true we could pass the ten commandments in this place friend at one time colleague Representative John Lewis never gave up. He never gave in. He kept a face. He. Dan champion. Some of the greatest shooters of our time Dingle played a key role in landmark legislation like the Civil Rights Act of nineteen fifty seven for Michigan governor, Jim Blanchard, the civil rights legislation of nineteen sixty four was the big issue and John stood firm and tall for civil rights in nineteen sixty four. And I don't think he's ever gotten a lot of credit for that. Because people just said, oh, yeah. Of course, you would former President Barack Obama awarded Dingell the presidential medal of freedom in twenty fourteen CBS news special report, I'm Matt piper. AM seven sixty KF MD your sleep with ever.

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