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You ain't you'll brother how you doing over? Here you stand into the border, though, vicarious defensive Daimler. Blue clearly, by the way, not enjoyed being called the V-word. According to Chris by Russell Westbrook. It has that affect on people. So I'm told nicknames. Russell Westbrook thunderhead of the off season with the second highest payroll and the league while Russell b thirty one next year follow where to go from here. They can't trade him. And I say can't as in they shouldn't. And I don't know if they feasibly can actually find a trade partner that will take him in that salary at some fair value. But that's what people are wondering now. And it's crazy for this reason you need to go collect stars and superstars in the NBA to contend what they really need is shooting. And where they get that at the market prices that shooters go for these days. That's where be pessimistic if I'm thunder fame. They have two very good players in Russell Westbrook. Paul george. The thing is when they had Kevin Durant. Right. They had a plus plus plus type shooter Paul George is a pretty good shooter himself, but that's it. Right. As much as you can easily complain about Russ who did not play especially well, the shadow K from three in the course of this. Gave none of these other cats can really shoot the guys that are surrounding guys that you get the ball out too. So what's happening is last night with kilter was not the Russ could make threes was that he couldn't make shots from the free throw line. Like fifteen footers he wasn't making incredible play's taking it to the basket. But they're giving him some shots that you can't give any other player in the NBA is it too late for that guy to do. So the corrective with his shooting because it's not just that he's shooting from the field is dropped in the last couple years his shooting from the free throw line is dropped like twenty percent of the last couple years, and he has to become a credible shooter. Not a great would not even necessarily a good one a credible one. What got exposed here in this series? He was not a credible shooter. No, he was not a credible shooter. He also got a tact in that personal way. You mentioned that blood feud away you mentioned by Dame Lillard, he gave up like twenty points on twenty one possessions that is an investigation, but Russell Westbrook. The next question for Sam prestige of the thunder. What does the rest of his career looked like because you mentioned that is at lettuce? And his ability to get to the rim is still there. But I was looking at the numbers. He didn't don't in this series. He wasn't finishing as well. So what is the thirty two year old? Russell westbrook. Likened how do you even account for decks where this shooting thing comes up as you talked about the shot election thing when you mentioned Paul George go wash that game those were bad shots. Like, this wasn't a matter of Russell Westbrook shooting. Thirty foot is on like four to break or something. Like that those were shots. They just about anybody else in the NBA gets. You're like, okay, I feel comfortable with that Russ was taking threes. And every time I'm at the house liquor. I don't know if you could make that and those aren't the ones he was having the problems with so what corrective measures can you take with him as shooter is it too late because I did just see Rick Lopez tar himself into three points you asked mounted it's but Russ because it's not as form looks bad. Right. It's not like is elbow out. Why he can't be better? I don't nobody can't get better as shooting. His career is going to be over very very quickly is four from eleven from the field as of last night. Those were in bad shots. It's just that. They're bad jobs for guy who doesn't make thirty four thirty six. There was a good day scary last name Lakers because David minimum said on horns or hey, George, the Donald he goes by both Giordano's ESPN LA radio show that LeBron's trust in the Lakers organization has been quote, damaged maybe a revocable and quote..

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