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So unfortunately, that wasn't an option for me. I didn't have an alternative wireless controller knocking about Garnish manoharan emailed us quick feedback on tiling window managers. I moved to pop OS recently from Arch as a test for at least a month. I think they're tiling managing extension implementation is really good. I only use it when I'm working and turn it off when I'm not with the 2010 release. There isn't an exception option to ignore specific windows are not meant to be maximized. Is this something we complained about? No, I didn't try their implementation. I don't know I was using one from the genome extensions called G tile. Oh, yeah, and I I I I know they have a similar thing, but I don't think it's based on any of the prior extensions. I think it's all their own work, but I've not tried it Chris Thompson emailed us off taught your recent rundown on tiling window managers. I'm Acadia fan and simply cannot bring myself to use another d e tiling or not have found what for me is the best of both worlds with kwin script called kwin caught off. Doing this script with just the default configuration was perfect for me. I get tiling that I can easily disabled as needed with my favorite d a just thought I'd share this as an option for KDE users. I find it much better than the wind timing script that's packaged with KDE nice and will have a link to that in our show notes Laurie emailed ThinkPad corner. I recently saved enough juice pineapples and bought a Lenovo X1 Carbon 8th gen with an Intel 10th. Gen CPU, which is now my third ThinkPad. Yes,.

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