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Ted. We're in a hotel. Just put in a complaint for. I thought you're still going. Okay. Blake Blake her leg. Mum. Katie break a leg and tell Blake to Blake a leg. And then look Whitney's here. Miserable. Ever to me. Did you just touch her tummy? Did I did? Good. You're talking about me Blake. Brandies back there. Okay. Everybody say by mom. Love you. Mom, gotta go. She's so funny. Okay. Here we go. We got rapidly. Gotta wrap it up puts it on one QNA quest. Swing dance. Caitlyn? But we can do that. We we can do that on the outgrow. Okay. Let's with a couple of QNA's rapid, right? We got some good questions here. Let's just start off with a bang, Kaitlyn. Does Jason's hair move when you guys have sex. No. The answer is. Question blake. What is your favorite friends episode who am I? Who am I I know Caitlyn's yours or mine is the one with the tape the sex tape. You know, what that is? I don't know what the actual name of it the one the sex. That's funny. Yeah. That was a good one. That's my favorite that was it. You guy. We've gone.

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