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Do i need a special pediatrician for my baby. If they have down syndrome so that might be something that our listeners might might wonder no. you don't we go to a wonderful pediatrician. Who they have you know a large practice in this area and they don't have any specialized knowledge. One of the things that i've loved about mine is that they they are open to learning So any information. That i provide them they are they look into it. They they learn they research But no you don't have to have a special pediatrician at all But you do have to be willing to advocate. And that's one of the big things that i Stress for anybody. That has a child with down syndrome. You know your child the best and you are their strongest advocate. So you know speaking up for them because you're their voice when they can't be We talk about that a lot. Actually on this podcast. Odd advocating for yourself. If it's you know maybe during your pregnancy or early post-partum days advocating for your children for what they may need So i love that. You're driving that point home. Yeah because you are the one that knows them. the best. you know what's typical. What's not typical. Yes what they need well and often one of the other issues that you can find with down syndrome is delayed verbal skills. My daughter nora can speak and most people can understand exactly what she's saying but she doesn't necessarily speak in full sentences in less we make her which we're working so they will often not useful sentences or some children just may be non verbal completely at this at the same age. She is And so really you do end up being their voice to help them get whatever it is that they need and to kind of navigate situations okay so similar to the pediatrician..

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