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I have a funny story that i wanted to bring up in. Hit all stems from listening to the joe. Show which if you've listened at night to Joe ashley. And you will hear this. I think this is the funniest thing ever do. You know how humorous it is that jed yesterday on the air said that he looks like james franco was he being serious. He was being serious. I don't know if you can clean your own celebrating. Look like other people to say who you look like they were having. They're having a discussion about what. What celebrity do you think you look like and came up with. And he was dead serious like he for you guys remember with. Jed looked like you guys. I know you the listeners to the listeners. Know what jed looked like. The guy is a good looking guy. Nobody jad jedidiah howdy partner. Hi how do you think that you look like james franco. I think its the cheekbones are you. You are being one hundred percent serious right now. I am i. Do you think i look like do not think i look like him now. You're good looking guy. I don't think he looked like james franco. Who do you think my celebrity lookalike mark. Fox news host seth rogan. Yeah like seth rogan. Maybe we better no because that's rogan's like out of shape overweight. That's not my no. He's skinny no way we. You're not on the air right now. Are you yeah. We're doing our douchebag today right now you are. Tell everybody who you think. ashley. Knicks looks. Like ashley i did some digging on it and she either looks like beyond sarah. Michelle obama believe me. I know black sabbath. I could see the michelle obama with her cheekbones. Ashley don't even look alike way more than john. James franco james franco with the is is very similar to james. Franco's like kind of looks like he's high all the time it. Maybe that's when you're high you look like what who. Who does joe look like okay. This is a really bad comparison. But i did some digging on joe just because of just because the like him without facial hair and he looks like chris. Angel from mine-free show guys. I gave weight. You gave yourself. James franko but gave my son. Joe criss angel. Well i came from chris. Angel and james franco. I'm i'm not james frank on his brother. Whatever day frank. Okay franko your dave. I think you look like larry franko. He's the one that we never see. Jad by the way jonas brother put put put it on. Put it on a voicemail or on speaker for one quick second one second. Hold on. Hold on talking about the look. Do you guys think it's funny that jeddy pick the best looking guy to pick as a celebrity but then picks michelle obama and criss angel for you guys jimmy right. Michelle obama's pretty ash. Oh she's gorgeous. But i don't look like get more of a. Tlc chilly here. That i would've taken added a disk. And also chris angel who angels pal. Chris angels bad bad bad criss angel thinks. You like channing tatum. I'd fair and honest in my valuations. Oh my god. That's unbelievable as an freaking believable. Listening to the joe show at night right here on channel nine five five in detroit so you can check those guys out or you can listen to them in the morning show with joe show good bike off all right bye. See you guys. But i look like like when people will ask me. They'll say what celebrity do you look like. If they say that. What and. I always put myself down. Rosie o'donnell you know what. I mean the ryan reynolds not anymore. Say like ryan reynolds. If if we push him he would say. Some people always say that. I don't get it but people who are blind remember. We did this topic your mom. Your mom said somebody for mojo. That i thought was so funny steuea family. I remember we could call them. But then we'll get an thirty minute discussion about the snow coming to house. Do you guys know of people that are. They have a healthy. You know feeling about themselves now as much ego but it's good. I guess hell but they think that they actually are better looking than they actually are like. You know people like that came night me. No meghan really. Yeah i look in the mirror. I'm like oh she's a model and see a photo. Somebody texted me like. Oh she's a gremlin opposite you. Don't take compliments very. We always put yourself down which i always say say is funny. Because you're you are beautiful woman. And i and i think that you are much more beautiful than you ever give yourself credit for but i'm talking about the people like i'm talking about people like super hot. That are like. I am so hot. And i see these. Sometimes they see women do it. I love it. Because i think it makes me feel good but when a guy does it i think he's a huge bag. Think it's and. I should probably give him the credit that he deserves that he feels good. About how you can't say who you look like and you can't give yourself a nickname. Yes right it's the same thing right. Those are things that are supposed to be bestowed upon you by other other people have to be the ones to say like honestly it's one of the it's one of those situations where it's kinda like you got to have it's going to be like starts out with your grandma or something. Squeeze your cheeks and tells you how cute yar you're the like. I always thought to myself that that was the one thing i was missing in my life was what my kids got from their grandma when she would tell them how they're the most beautiful babies in the world and i had my grandma and put down the candy. Because you're too fast. You know listeners. Remembering the celebrity that you thought was ridiculous that my mother thought you look like george clooney. She's right or james franco exactly when you're trying to expand your family and having a tough time doing it. The doctors at michigan one help their success rate for. Ivf is pretty amazing. It's the highest in the entire state of michigan. 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