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But it's an improvement regardless of the moving down in the lineup thing. I mean it was gonna move down anyway, just because as you mentioned, Aaron judge, John Carlos Stanton are on the way. Back it had nothing to do with wins trade. It does create a little bit of a line of clutter problem, just because the ankles, do like to throw one of the outfielders into the D H spot, so wins gonna lose a couple of starts here and there, but he gets a ballpark bump. The bottom line is people think of Yankee Stadium as a great Homer venue for left handed hitters. It's also very good for righties to do by the way. I don't know Eric if you've looked at the park factor page here for the Enke's this year. Yankee Stadium has been quote leaning pitching friendly this season which shows by one year park factors are ridiculous. Pass five years, number three Yonki stadium. In terms of home runs for right handed, batters T mobile park. Seattle was blow average one at ranked seventeenth in that category. So it's a nice plus for him. I don't I don't look at park factors when it's just this year for two months. I do a five year early to three I usually use like three years. But, like I have a feeling I know what, which parts are good and which parts are not good for whatever we need out of him. So Edwin moves on Seattle doesn't have a reasonable replacement that anybody in fantasy would want. When it comes to Clint Frazier now, you know, he was the number forty six outfield over the past thirty days number sixty five I think for the season. So it's not like you were relying so much on him that him going to the trip. Aaa is gonna kill you. But like I view this the way I do like catching Huron and Brennan Rogers ridiculously wasn't played by his team this happens the young players. Nobody can argue that Fraser's better than Edwin and neither has defensive acumen. So what happens the Frazier now, I don't think they're going to train him anytime soon. They could he could be in Madison, Bumgarner trade or Trevor Bauer trade, I suppose, but if you've got Frazier, just move on, right? Yeah. And I think you mentioned Bauer and Bumgarner I think that's the instance in which he would get traded to another team and that's going to benefit everybody in terms of him getting regular playing time. This is just a matter of the aunties would prefer playing every day in AAA than to be playing twice. Maybe three times a week in the majors and I don't blame them for that. So he simply going to be a call up if another injury happens, and it could because of Stanton's history. I know he's been relatively healthy the previous two years before this, but his career has been full of injuries. So it's not inconceivable that Frazier could return here and be meaningful for you. But I wouldn't count on it. He's now the odd man out very clearly make sense and it does make sense. And I'm sure he's not happy. But that's the right he's not happy. Clear is not happy. You know, a lot of us weren't happy with urine Brennan riders, either. You know, I mean this is what happened the youngsters. Okay. So the Rockies Padre series if if this is what baseball is going to be like, I'm not gonna complain today show. But if this is what baseball is going to be like, we have to reevaluate how we view fantasy because I mean, we would never roster Rockies pitcher ever. Like even they're closer scored ninety two runs. And that four game series. Charlie black was fifteen out of twenty four. Is that correct? I mean he unbelievable week and power and the number two player for the week was in Desmond who still valuable in more than half VSBN's leagues. So like, do you view anything differently? I seems like the golf balls been bouncing a little bit crazy over the past couple of weeks as opposed to the first two months of the season. I don't know if the baseball is different or not. But your thoughts on this rocky series? It was fun..

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