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Mary Todd Lincoln were packing up and they're getting ready to put all their stuff on the train and he was at his home in Illinois and he looked at himself in the mirror and he received of visions that he would be elected twice but that he would not survive his second term and this troubled link and greatly and then his wife Mary Todd Lincoln was very heavily involved in seances and she was very shoes on openly a spiritualist and at this time in both the United States and Britain and France basically both sides of the Atlantic in the year Europe in the U. S. spiritualism well was really taking off or people began to consult with mediums and studying the other side and spirit communication it was popular it was very popular but the Lincoln had reason for this because in eighteen fifty their their little or a Edward died of tuberculosis at age four and then when they were in the White House in eighteen sixty to their favorite son Willie coddling and died of typhoid and the Lincolns were briefed parents now the media did not like Mary Todd Lincoln. the issue you know she was an outsider that she wasn't from northern Virginia she was in from Boston or Philadelphia or New York so they looked at our is kind of a from an classless even though she was extremely intelligent spoke French and and was highly educated.

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