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Yeah all right so it was but a few days later that same weekend where rally lascher appeared on the episode number six feedback show and of course alley had solved. Some problems ends of the listeners. Recently on an episode or at least a recently in terms of what we record that episode on Rob Makita podcast and so we wanted due to give some of the survivor players. An opportunity to write in to see if alley last year could solve their problems back on November third twenty nine nineteen alley. Let me bring in another question for you. This is from one of our listeners. Lauren Brooke who wants to ask you. What cases or castaway passed away? Problems from this season would make it to the court of your problems are trash alley. You recently appeared on on Bravo Nikki. VINITA podcast to resolve the problems of our listeners. And we lauren wants to know yes. Ah Yes. Great great appearance to help some of the Redknapp listeners. With their problems and so we. We had some uh-huh survivors right in with some issues that you might be able to help them tackle sure. Well I'm going to read them to you. Oh please sorry code unless you unless you have any off the top of your head. Had I waited like it. I'm feeling surest guide all right so the first one okay it comes in to okay. Okay Dear Alley. I am honest survivor tribe with a guy who is the ex of one of my good girlfriends. Am I allowed to work with this guy in the game or does that make me a bad friend. Also he seems to be acting being like he's a detective. What should I do? Did you see by the way the Dean was himself or Halloween. Sorry you too. What a things run away? He's running with it good for him. Westfield native he's from the town over for me Okay yeah that's sticky that sticky Kelly. I think it's I think in the game. You use it it to your advantage. I think you're doing a good job with that from what I can tell from your letter but if you get the opportunity to cut him at the end you do it for your friend. Okay stay loyal yeah. We don't know that they had a bad breakup like they don't seem people good breakup. I Yeah I mean look. Don't ask me that. I know some people I hear. Stay friends really news. This isn't news af all right. My mind is okay. All right I just you know L. A.. Maybe they maybe they didn't go out for that long. Maybe it was just like a six years. I don't know I'd have to go back and listen. Okay all right another question for you. Ah Dear Alley. My roommate is obsessed with adding onto our house. Every time I try to relax he tells me to smarten up up and get back to work adding a balcony to our second floor. How do I convince him? That are snug is good as it is signed. The Queen need some sleep right. These these are from a real survivor. Problems I'm crying because this is the first episode I noticed what is that. Saint Joe's like come on entire snug looks plain state love that she uses the same language urban. Sorry the Queen who needs sleep uses the same language here come on up into this new uh-huh snug. It's like the waiting room. Yes so I would tell the queen to communicate openly with the person she shares her home with and ask you know. Is there a reason. Maybe your snoring meaning on me. But there's some other reason that he's looking to get some space from is I would. Maybe he's got too much time on his hands. You should encourage the twelve the job. Yeah okay good advice all right and then one other one okay. Dear Ali. I've noticed noticed something strange in my camp and I want to say something to the group because I think that there is a potential public health concern but I'm concerned that might try already. Looks at me like a crazy person and I don't know the best way to tell them this potentially shocking news. In fact I'm so embarrassed about what I've discovered that I was unable to include it in this email so I have attached hatched a voicemail recording to explain what I've discovered in my tribe. Can you help me Ali.

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