Football, Wisconsin, Burg discussed on Good Seats Still Available


I mean that that i'm picking the commissioner baseball is going god go away as you say that i mean but the reality of it is they play so many games that some of those games aaa lost today so we move i would play another where it's not that way at pro football sucked he'll win college football particularly it maybe lake forest colleges that way but you know uh some of those you know lower level you know right leagues where it's just really more for fun but when here you're playing the parfive conference isn't that another day you know i mean believe me after ohio state got be by iowa where we bull on that island turns around loses a wisconsin with fifty five years a you know lafayette seventy this is like the titanic going down from as a week ago you know i mean i ask you this happen yeah i mean uh he's uh but so i'm dealing with a lot of those new watches as i'm starting to go into put this thing together and so we went out the we you know we ended up going out the rockford and doug logan you know what i'm i jumped as well done burg was the general manager there staying so i ended up passing on the job i couldn't afford worked for me and i was i assume he understood that i ended up getting hired by book marketing which was a large promotional marketing agency in the city that time they all sort of the publishers of outdoor magazine on which are eyesight or uh or cuts been lineup is still around a in fact they've they've spun off to a marketing agency many years ago i miss focused out because the guy that was big the father had started the marketing agency and been a very successful with the sun came along much more interested in the magazine site and eventually after his dad dad sold off to the marketing side agency side but that's what i went to work for and what i interviewed with them they liked the fact that sports marketing background they weren't quite sure what they would do with it but but one of the guys i.

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