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Of speaking the empire state building near the top of the building the seventy ninth floor where firemen picking up the debris caused by the crash of a Mitchell be twenty five all dressed up in their raincoats and whatever they wear you know when it was just wonderful we climbed out through the broken glass donald grateful to be alive the walls are still hot the brick and stone walls that we have our hand on as we talk are still hot with the plan name that has been out for over an hour now a hundred and twelve flights later things impressed you we got to the bottom floor but we didn't know what happened and until we came out of the building I see crowds of people all kinds of looking at each other I said what happened what's happened what happened and he pointed up to the seventy ninth floor I saw the the tale of B twenty five sticking out well we're going to get off their here very shortly because we have the story told now the B twenty five two engined bomber crashing into the Empire State building just a few minutes before ten o'clock we have warning people bide in the offices and Rian the plan for fourteen people don got her Dan This is the National Broadcasting Company we return you now to the music of the first piano quartet.

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