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And we are back with Raquel. How You Doing Bill Maher? He's still hanging in there with us. I am all right so I am excited that we just heard an incredible fairytale which I had no clue. Raquel and I are bonded. 'cause we both met our significant others at. Sir Now. She met him at you. Bill Elizaveta restaurant. It was about a block away. Okay so at least get that yet. Okay now the question I have for Raquel. Is Everybody shacked up? Everybody's GonNa down the aisles. Like the cool thing of twenty twenty. Oh my God. We're asking her about marriage now. We're asking if she wanted to ask you about the hitting the eye on the romantic one. No is by. The way is guys haven't discussed it but I'm is there any intention soon? Do you guys see that happening in the future. Has there been talks or or is it. Just you're going to wait to the right moment. Yeah I I definitely see that in the future for us We are. We're not in a rush. I keep telling him I'm not in a row because I still feel like I'm really young and I don't know I told her you were twenty five. I'm twenty five also. You're not winning of time. James hold this James. He's young too old. He's only twenty seven twenty. Oh you guys. Are you guys got if no right? We'll say this now. There have been moments that James and I are in. The studio and DOTS is definitely his bill bill. You know CAL is one so that'll definitely listen to me. I'm answering the question for your call. I'm like Oh they'll for sure there. Should I like rebels attitude like like? It's just a what's going to happen. I know it's going to happen and it's going to happen when we're both work you on the other hand. What your pressure pressure I didn't know that Russia you you said this shit's going down by the end of this year or you're going out. It was pretty much like that. But you don't remember that you gotTa Amnesia. Yeah well that was probably one of my in my drunk door. Okay so cal. Yeah Baby. Let's talk about. We have had two seasons together that have been rocky little rock. Yes absolutely and for you know you and I have had conversations off camera off podcasts. Where you know we've in my opinion have come a very long way and this season we had our coffee date which I know that we both felt was for me. It was a highlight. But I I loved filming that scene with that was one of my highlights because we got to speak on such like civilized and like Nice Level. Where like we were hearing other and And I just got to talk to you about my experience with James his steps to sobriety and I feel like we were able to really like relate in a way absolutely. I felt like we related in that moment to and I have to ask because I am obviously a hothead you have been on the receiving end. How in the world do you maintain being so calm and poised during attack? Like what the hell did your mom teach you to be like no no. I don't know born that way implying that I recall raquel. I give it to you mad credit mad props because I am on the receiving end. Sometimes of my fiance's frustration. I use the word frustrations but and I. I'm pretty level headed babe. Don't you think I mean I pretty? Yeah pretty normal but but I think I think you're not marrying Walla so the fact that you can be calm is mad props to you now. I really think it's amazing. Do you like when you go into filming. I know I asked you this. But like 'cause you don't know what to expect in your soul like normal and level headed right. What is your process of being like? Okay I know I got into it with lar- whatever like going into a scene like how do you maintain that? I mean I'm telling you for advice here. I'm going to shut up right after this. I knew where she was going to his face because she was basically a hit on the head. She wants you to help her raquel. Give her advice. How does she remained? Calm please I wish I had an easy answer for you but all I can say every time I go in to seen filming I try to just like be really happy going into it and like I don't know try to enjoy the moment because it's in those moments where I grow personally in the sense that I get super anxious when we do film if we're in to the that stops aren't the easiest and I'm very non-confrontational so right it's it's basically it's your DNA the way the way the weight the way that you function day to day. You don't like that. Is your sister like calm till I like to normal now? No she's not. She's the adversary opposite. Oh my Gosh I love it have you. Have you ever battled with her? No more our age gap is too much here six years apart so we never like battled it out like that. Okay but your child and your sisters more of the one that's like just a killer not a killer but you know what? I mean to a fighting. Yeah okay I totally get it. Wow I I mean I have told you this many times and before we sign off until you again you have been. You've made an extremely you know hard life changing moment coming onto this show. I know it's not easy and from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry that you've been on the receiving end of my wrath. It will not happen again and I wanNA tell you not only were you cool calm and collected. You are so fucking fun to watch this season. Raquel you need to know that all that this is so I mean this I wanNA. We weren't if we weren't in Quarantine. I would hug it out with both of you right now. This is really sweet. That's I and I and I love that. You share your story because it really is a beautiful story and. I think sometimes we don't just like you know Lal on I like people don't get to see all of us and I think just like people get all of you and James and hearing. Kinda how you came together and the love that you have and you're you got pushed into this world like I did and it's not an easy world being and I give you a lot of a lot of respect for that so thank you so much. We're so happy that you that you gave us some of your quarantine time and I hope that you go and enjoy the rest of your day. My Love to you guys were so fun to have and we appreciate it. Yes by okay. Wow I have to say like there have been many moments and I'm not going to get choked up about this. I'm sure it's because I'm like stuck in this house bouncing off the wall but you know filming a reality. Tv show is a lot of work. It's a lot of pressure you're asked to be surrounded by people that you don't always click with or see and you know most times people wanNA slam you for the way that you've treated somebody and absolutely. I did not treated correctly but people also have to understand that we don't get one minute to sit back and reflect on what's happened or think about what's been said. We are thrown into positions. Where you know you either are a fighter like me or you're very cool and calm like Raquel and I respect that but I think you know the making up of my cast members when we can see eye to eye and show love because we're in this together. That is the most beautiful moment while I'm sitting here looking at you with tears in your eyes and makes me happy because I know you know and not to get into too much but I know that you have been very affected by just this thing with Raquel that happened on the show and you know anybody that like who I think should get the wrath of. Whatever I'M DOING. She is not the one I know pip really bad about that. Well I love you and I know that in your heart you're the sweetest two men in the world and I know that Raquel definitely not the sweetest human in the world you you. You're the sweetest human to me. Well Okay but what? I want to really grateful that. She came on the PODCASTS. That was amazing. Like her talking about how she might. James Amazing and by the way what I'm trying to say is this is that you are the sweetest in inside. That's who you are and I think that you're put in a situation that you know you're on a show where where you guys are together every day for months and months and months and months and months and and people explode and I think the fact let me say this the fact that today you can sit here and admit you know your your faults right. That's how big of that that that takes a lot of courage just like it took her a lot of courage to be able to come on the PODCAST and say. Hey we are okay. We are friends now. We bury the hatchet. And I wanNA tell you that you the same out of credit. 'cause you don't give yourself any credit ever and I'm looking at you and I know you still probably won't give yourself credit but law. It takes a lot to apologize. Say something that I the part that I need to work on is when I went off on Racale the two two times this season what she was saying. I felt that I was the things that I cared about. Were attack even last year. I felt that she was attacking my dad and I needed to take a step back like she's not meaningless in an ill way she's not you but you also dead. I took it and I was like. I'm ready to fight and I should know by now the difference when someone's trying to be evil in mean and when someone is saying something where I'm taking it the wrong way. WanNa say again your. It's huge view to be able to apologize. Say You were in the wrong at the same time. And I'm not I mean I am your partner but I'm also GONNA be honest. You're in a really really difficult place the last year. Losing Your Dad you were. I mean you were in the spiral so yeah I mean I'm not justifying anything. I'm just saying you weren't in your right head because you lost your debt so so now now today I look at you and I see a different woman San sitting here saying you know what sorry. I didn't mean to come at you that way. You didn't deserve that and look at you two now. Now you guys are friends and you guys talk. And she trusted to come on our podcast. Which is huge of her. And and it's huge of you to be able to want her to come on so. I just think if we weren't in quarantine right now we'd all be at dinner. Yeah and I want to say one more thing before we sign off most people that know me know I. I know that I have negative comments in my hands. I know that I have negative comments in the comments section. Which is why I avoid reading them because it affects me however when I watched the show back and I saw my behavior that is what is sitting with me not anything else I mean the other day we did Andy Cohen. Show Watch Robin's life and he was like a lot of people I asked him. I was like. Are you asking me this questions? It I get a lot of hate from that. And he was like Oh. We had so many comments about it so I had no idea until he said that I was already feeling badly about what was going on so I'm just really grateful. We had her on. She's a frigging hot ice but I always see own. It was fun because she she even told she gave it up on the first night. A girl after my own damn heart. I'm sure she's going to be like Oh. No I don't want to be in girl after Laos art okay. I'm just gonNA leave this alone. I want to say you already look lighter and happier like the fact that yeah. I think you know. Look this week I don't know anymore I'm just gonNA leave it at that week. Whatever of quarantine. Because this is I feel like we live in quarantine out but I think doing this. Podcast connects us to people that are kind of in the same boat and I think you know I wanna say relationships are hard and then when you put people in quarantine. They're harder so anybody out there that's going through a tough moment in their relationship stay positive and stay strong and just keep working through it because the stronger you are in quarantine the better your relationship will be out of quarantine absolutely we are sending you all all of our love and prayers in before we sign off and I tell you guys to go sleigh the day. Let's listen to some voicemails. You ready ran. This is like my favorite part of. I know it's so fun. Great I feel like I know these people. Yup Hi Laura I'm Randall. This is Andrea from Atlantic city..

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