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I thought I you did but what the fuck is a pod competition you ever dumps their canisters and you giggled. How do you play with the puck competition? I never pogs it so you have these smaller pogs relate way and then you had a slammer a heavy one and he would throw it down and then honestly I can't remember what else happened. You try to get we gotta get your game is wait. I know you have like a big stack of the slammer and you have to slam stack upon Komo. You can flip over. Josh didn't have to look that up. He was so serious said if you did the motion of slamming his Jammer Dance Dan. Did you have a lot of pogs. I had a decent about some really good slammers. I had a head like a gray like a purple like medal super crowded yeah. They swept the nation for one year thirty seconds for hugs it. Why did they come coming? Go so quickly. I don't know Josh I thought the expert on the history of you know everything about box I do do you know where the impact pod comes from. Now nobody does it stands for Pineapple Orange Guava out because they used to be found in the lives needs of pineapple orange guava juice and people started collecting them and stack. Wait pogs were in juice <music> and their children other milk caps. I think they were in milk. I've been called bill caps two oh but then they started selling them as just actual actual things yes. That's so funny that you knew the origin of the word dog game play and they were like cards cards hurts. It was kind of like pre pokemon or was it post a hey remember it was before pokemon yeah so like gun catch him and then I guess Pokemon game and everyone's like Oh forget what doing smashing things get Outta here collect these cartoons it was just the original collectible and they had whatever cartoon was popular popular they would they would so pug verse. I like pokemon yeah. I loved Ash Ketchum from Pallet town. I don't know anything you know friends peak at you and he wears a backpack. I am aware of Pika Chew and are you going to go see detective Biju probably Ali why cannot wait. I am so excited to watch isn't it. We just have to get you talk. It is because the other pokemon they only repeat their names mm-hmm. Yeah and I'm devastated that nobody asked me to Gigli Puff G. G. PA that's my audition for detective big part too and or Gigli puff stand alone movie. We'll have to talk in and her standalone movie or they're similar movie. I don't agenda her just because you're paying and fluffy and cute and adorable but I'd like to be a female me and blinking eye cassie right on the spot look at her. I fucking loved. 'em Gigli fucking pup up yet. Julie is looking female. Thank you Internet and is Julie in this new movie. Yes that's her in detective Pika Chew and then the trailer L._S._U.. Just chilling in a bar who so we don't hear her voice yet. I think he'd do hear her. Say Gigli puff but it's just the repetition. She doesn't get any line but like who who makes pokemon movie. That's a bad sent to make me want to play yeah. I got too excited. I got way too excited who make pokemon movie. Find <hes> okay. I Know Ryan Reynolds Plays Pika Chew or Yungas Pika Chu Yeah. I don't know if he has any real say over like does it have who voices Gigli puff as the full cast Rita or is there Rita Ora interesting diplo no doing a voice of Jubilee December tip was just cool..

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