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Store just online. You're buying things at warehouse prices and selling them for a markup, but at the end of the day, you have a lot of overhead. This is a very asset heavy business. Many Amazon type warehouses everywhere and those leases cost money, especially when you're expanding at the pace that they were and add in competition who's also vying to scoop up leases. Think about New York City, how many companies we had running around here. And now that they've had to shut a few of those down, you know, that's still something that's, they have to foot the bill for. Okay, so we talked about some things that they've gotten into, like, alcohol. We talked about some things that they've gotten out of. What have they not gotten into that they might yet, Jackie? Well, this is kind of the kicker, you know It harkens back to their start. It's called go puff because they used to deliver hookas and accessories to college students. It was a time, okay? Exactly. And the funny thing is, you know, they claim that to be smokers themselves. But bringing it back to where we are now, you're seeing Uber and DoorDash facilitating orders for cannabis delivery. It's a kind of a touchy thing here still because it's at the federal level. It hasn't been legalized, obviously, but you're seeing many states kind of take steps to embrace weed and for companies that want to capture the delivery component. It's going to be a little tricky and DoorDash and Uber or still kind of inching around it in the U.S., but in Canada, you know, they're the ones that are offering it on their apps. And whether it's someone else delivering or people can go pick it up, that app is now kind of like the center point for transacting this kind of product that was kind of thought to be off the off the radar for a long time for a company like gopuff. It could actually propose a poses a new opportunity to kind of tap into a much higher margin line of business. I mean, you know, I don't know what a lead order would go for, but certainly seems to be a little bit more lucrative than that. Did a chips and sodas? I mean, you've got the rest of it. One other two easy job. Exactly. Giving away the goods here, but we're go puff one director said that we quoted. It's our birthright to sell it, right? It's so good. So we'll see if they go there or not. DVD. All right, we're gonna leave it there. Great story. Jackie, thank you so much. Decade of olives. Is technology reporter at Bloomberg news from our 99 one studio in Washington D.C., a story she wrote with our bradstone, and of course our thanks to Jill Weber, editor of Bloomberg business week here in our interactive broker studio. Coming up, we're going to check in with our TV colleagues. We're going to talk about the markets, the

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