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The nets. He's off fish side in the ads have a two-goal lead. Patrick who's been in and out of the lineup gets a pass from Alexander Kerr foot, and you just put the puck on net. I don't think that deflected off a Colin Wilson, maybe a dead. It was a knuckle puck to be sure I may have touched. Nate Thompson on the way through. But I think this should be. Nemo's goal. I don't think it took action. If it did it was off LA king, but Patrick namic this first goal. This season has the apps up three to one. Other pockets thrown on Cal Peterson. He makes the save and the apps keep it in the zone. Sheldon dries gloves it down to the park corner. They'll take a hit from Jake Muhsin Bonnie's coming together. Carl Soderberg picks up the puck now. Matt Calvert spins away from a checker that coward tried to ramp. The puck around had to taken away from him and Dustin Brown skates at the near side for the LA kings, Patrick Navid escort his first goal of the season and Nevil makes account Avs at three two one. Here's a Chevron the point for LA, it's wide and it's in the far corner. Now, Dustin Brown has it. We'll get the assist for the Avs second help her the night for Alexander Kirkwood. And now he's starting to come alive for Colorado Peterson behind the net. Miscommunication. Alec Martinez has an outback handed up now Veron Jayco Petar Dustin Brown Brown now for. Go petar. Let's get confirmation are the goal downstairs. Stephanie Brown brings it in. As the shot is off the side of the net that happened quickly. Thirty three. You heard there momentarily. Joe Skopje secondary assisting. You engineer Tony one of the best in the business. You've been things lively as always here at Staples Center. Tony doing yeoman's work is always Tyson does now accent occur foot feed. Nemo was first goal of the season. And the answer by pair was seven minutes to go here in the second period. Here they come now, then the far away. It's spent injury ghetto was a two on one. Now, he throws a towards an end is everybody on the LA kings got back in time. And it took a weird Karen off the boards met keeps it into the point advertising. Berry berry moving in very fire. Save by Peterson rebound is loose on the far side picked up by Jeff Carter now Tyler fully near side wing chips down the ice to just relieve the pressure momentarily for LA by some berry backhand passing his own zone. Pretty and cold for her bladder cabinet at passes denied by Tyler toffoli. Now Ford for Carl Haglund Easter decide gave land this guy using the body gets the puck back saucer pass now for coal charging through center, ice, cold broaches, the blue line. Dumps it down deep goes around. Drew downing takes on Jake Muslim. We'll get to it. First and clear it down into avalanche territory. Nathan MacKinnon the first Bank to get it six. Oh, six to go in the second period here in LA apps. Have a three one lead over the cage. Here's a shot from the point save may have our law than coal. Ausra back was on goaltender and we have penalties coming up. We'll figure out what they are. And let you know when we return five fifty seven to go in the second period. The ads have a three one lead over the kings.

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