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Very early Monday get together for you. Yours truly filling in for D A. So I'll be back here in All right. About eight hours from now get a little snack or something before I go to bed, got a solid six hours and change and I'll be upgraded Rock for you guys. Tomorrow morning filling in for D A Last couple of minutes. Last couple of calls 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 Leslie from jerseys are palace standing back. How are you? Very good going three days up, and they deserve it because I've been tired and people working aesthetics. You're working hard and your teams are not holding up their end of the bargain for Yeah, But speaking of teams, um Um, you know, watching the lightning usually handling the Canadians. I think this is going to be a strip tomorrow night. Do you think this enhances the Islanders performance that they took the light into Southern and then maybe That child has had a better season than we all thought. Because I look at the lightning Listen, we are where we come to admit that there are a good team, but, um, you know, Florida struggle against Tampa. Um Carolina do much you can Tampa modules doing nothing. So you gotta get down is a lot of credit. Take it to Game seven. If Jean Gabriel Pegu did not haven't handed you be. Who knows? You know, I think that's fair. Um, I think you can compare what your team did in the specific match up and then look what happened in the next round. I think it's fair. Uh, the lightning with a better team, and it wasn't like if this if that injury a bad bounce, No, they would have better team. But the fact that the other teams that have gone up against him haven't pushed them to limit the way the Islanders dead. It can make you feel better about your deem it doesn't. You shouldn't get over the top knots about it and go. We were this close to winning the Stanley Cup. No, not really. Um, but it put you in good stead going forward for the next year. I know the players and Lula Morello and buried toward I know they're not gonna be satisfied. Dig came with the intent of beating Tampa. I know they're not starts with and that's a good thing because some teams Me celebrate. Uh, more victories. I know the Islanders and nine to the mall between nonsense, and that's a great thing to show you. Why that this franchise grew up on the new Re. I'll give you that much. Yeah, By the way, Moving on to the NBA Finals might take on the NBA Finals. I got the sons and six Oh, no, don't do that. Please don't do that. Why? Because I want to root for the Suns man. I got the sentencing. I'll tell you. Why. Because and I'll tell you why. I don't want you rooting for the sons because you pick the next win A championship didn't happen. Then you hop down the Hawks bandwagon. Um, when they beat the Knicks, and yes, they did. Yes, they did beat the sectors. But then you stayed on the Hawks bandwagon and said they were going to be the box. How'd that work out for you? Three young got hurt. That's why okay and and guys are getting hurt all over the place in the playoffs. You gotta deal with it like the Clippers, who you guaranteed me was going to win a championship because Jerry West had put together a great team out there. Did I miss their parade? You know what happened to my Leonard got hurt, Coco, I Leonard got her. Okay. So, um, That's why you're picking the sun's because Yanis his heart Yeah. Not only just fun to too many scorers for the books to keep up. That's the really well I'm going with the sons here. You got Paul budget eaten, And then you've got, um He took a Devin Booker, who's their best score? Yeah, I mean, that's the point right there. The fact that I almost forgot our devil shows you how deep the sun's off scoring wise and you pick your poison. Are you going to stop? You couldn't stop nobody from the funds. No, man. Now you're going to make me rethink my pick. Because you are the kiss of death. When it comes to basketball. You're all right with talk to your I wonder has had a great year. And I thank you for the call Athlete is the kiss of death with hoops. If he's on the sun's bandwagon, I might just have to get off. You're gonna have to tune in tomorrow when I'm on for d A I I may or may not change my mind between now and then Bob from Pennsylvania's up on CBS Sports Trading Way, Bob Hi. Jodi has going good. Um, I heard you mention the All Star game. You know where my sentiments lie? You know, I love the Braves. I would have loved nothing better to have seen them honoring Fill Negro and Hank, of course. Right. Two quick things about number one. I can't speak for Hank. But I have to believe that if Hank were here, he'd have been among the first to say. I can't abide by this stuff That's going on with the voting rules now and for speaking for myself. I'm so tired of taking the high road you know, last year when you asked about Suggestions for the NFL and social justice reform and how they would address it. I mentioned something entitled to the coin toss rather than the anthem. Good. I said. Okay, let's keep away from political But you know what? What? What's the high road? Get me It's getting me a better view of this country. To me going down the drain. I see him. You know, they changed the rules You're in. You're in with us. I just hate the fact that sports is tied The parked one of the things I like about sports is it's not tied to politics and when no individual players do it, like Kaepernick did with the kneeling. That's him. That's that's just one individual and it grew and and it became when it became, But it started all with Kaepernick. Always one guy. This is an entire sport, making additions when When when they make the decision to move to you All Star game you're doing so over the entire sport. You're not just one individual putting forth a stance or an opinion and I when when it gets to that magnitude, I get upset and I don't want to see it. And that's fair. And I understand. I'm just like out of I'm out of options. You know what I mean? I try, you know, Like you said, when you made that suggestion last year about football, I had some that I thought keeps it away from the ants. Um And I just I'm, uh I'm out of ideas, You know, I mean, it just is worn on me didn't know And and, you know, I hate to see a nude out of Atlanta. Right, but but you can't be in a bad mood today, so it's a way to break date back to one that game, with Max freed get in the game winning hit. They found somebody. You gotta hit with men on base. Honest and God. Hey, man. Hey, Bobby. Bobby. Good stuff. I'll talk to you during the week. Bob is one of my fairly call ish who checks in with me on W I p, which I'll be on tomorrow night and Tuesday and went. I got three Wi piece hips this week. So yes, uh, a holiday week. Means the Mac man gets extra work When Ali regular starters take some down time you're truly gets to jump aboard and have some fun on the air. All right, Uh, you know what time it is? It is time to acknowledge the best tweet that I got over the course of my show today. That means it's time for the Mac Daddy tweeted today. And I thank everybody who sent in got much better tweets. I'll be honest, much better tweets today than we did yesterday when we had our first return of the Mack Daddy tweeted today. Um, And as I say, each and every single time I do this Did it before we put it away for a year and a half, and I will do it again. Going forward. It stays open the entire length of the show. So sometimes I get a great tweet because somebody listen to beginning of show have a great tweet sent it to me and I'll say, Damn, that's gonna be tough to beat and I'll wait the three full hours of the show. But then somebody will come up with a good tweet late. Michelle and I'll end up winning. And that's the case here. Today. It comes from Brian Anders and his Twitter handle is at honey benders. Maybe the Wisconsin guy I don't know, honey Badger..

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