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Year over year april numbers on tax collection up about thirteen percent why is that you're saying that you expect that to to rise significantly because really the tax cuts have even fully been fully implemented yet as we move forward we're looking at a lot more investment coming to the united states 'cause our taxes are lower and if you're trying to decide should i invest in japan germany the united states we just made it much more profitable to invest in america creating jobs for americans because we have the lower taxes now before we had higher taxes and germany higher taxes than japan dow lower show we're tracking a lot of capital from around the world it's estimated that that will increase wages for average average earners sixty fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars year by three to four thousand dollars a year just the additional capital coming into the united states this is a very big deal does the average person recognize some of the stuff that you're talking about and if not how do we get that message out but somewhat it must have sinking through because the most recent poll i sai cnn fifty eight percent we're in the right direction which is not what people thought a number of months ago and when people are happy with the direction of the country one they don't want to throw.

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