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Their their basketball career will never be as good as it is tonight by. You know somebody's guys will be busts or just not nearly as good as everybody. Some most will most won't be bus but most certainly won't be stars won't live up to right right. There are not thirty new stars in the nba. That's what i'm trying to say is not just not does not way to you guys about right right that draft. Show the way you talk about him is like everybody's got something there. Oh oh yeah wait till doug it and what are you going to do like wait. Wait till list. Wait till we heard all those stories still yet. You have the kwamena brown. I mean you know like that's a speaker be careful. I'm just saying we go. I don't know why out there. I know what i'm saying. Oh yes are adamant about at a moment. Rob his best. Nba moment was draft. Night about adam morrison another moment right draft you keep bringing it up jordan gaza by the way it was so many draft one. What was dark goes best. Nba moment nah. I don't know about that because he did. He did win a championship. Now say he did but he has a ring. I know he wasn't a big part of what i'm just saying. How many those god kasit. He got a ring. The first guy that you right right. Hey darko help to win the championship his rookie year right. That's right but yeah it's it's sad but let look they're gonna make their money. Hopefully they'll be smart with their money. Hopefully they can get a second contract right but somebody's guys who've been superstars their entire careers. Rob you know junior high high school college is going to be ruffling basketball wise. And it's going to be tough to take when you're no longer that good you know relatively speaking so but that's all the dynamics tonight we'll get into it more with doug gottlieb fox sports radio host and friend of both of ours. So he'll join us at the bottom of the hour. Rob let me go here. There was an interesting story. And we've been seeing that. Several of these top players in the country are now high. School players are going to the g. league in fact one of the top pig jalen green. Now jalen green rob. They are raving about jalen. Green rob was just saying. We're talking off the air to compared him to kobe comparing him to tracy mcgrady guy that wow detroit right with workout. Make them think twice about. Should we take him or k. Cunningham and he's the guy there with the hair and the sequence silver sequined suit bell-bottoms. I mean the character if game ball like that he's going to be something else but he went to the g. League gra he made five hundred thousand dollars as a what eighteen nineteen year old in the g. league and he's about to be the second pick of the draft. Here's what i'm gonna say and we bring this up because dyson daniels who is a top prospect. He's actually from australia but he is going to. The g. league. He's actually the first player to go to the g. league. Who's not from america. So now they're getting players from different parts of the country and our. I'm sorry different. Parts of the world by. He's gonna make you know six figures i don't know mid six figures money and he's not going to college spent one year in the g. League be drafted next year. Presumably.

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