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All right, Jeff Goodman and Bob Ryan say you're on the garden report on ceiling Us Media talking the Boston Celtics and the big question. I have that I'm going to post you right now. Robert Ryan is off is Jaylen Brown ready? If Kemba Walker is not ready, which is not going to be the start the season and if Kemba Walker isn't the Kemba Walker that we remember in Charlotte days a hundred percent. Kemba Walker is Jaylen Brown ready to be the number two guy for a team that can contend for the Eastern Conference Championship. He has gotten he's dead. Incrementally better and really so far. He is extremely bright as we know. He's certainly capable of assessing the situation. I think he's capable of making these templates do that. You know with the yes, I do. I think you can recognize that they need and I think you know and as I say keep generally getting better and better offensively, he was always, you know, excellent young young Defender, you know, and so I'm he's really honest I didn't he didn't need to be convinced or anything but he's really just grown in in my mind, you know on me to the point where you know, I think he's a dead, you know, what do I know start and you can argue that and then I'm not I think that's High Praise. So I say no I say Jaylen Brown is not good enough to be the number to God. I say defensively absolutely. Yeah when you're getting up and down and transition, yes, but if you do have Kimba if you've got Jeff Teague and Marcus Smart to me, you're going to be playing more in the half-court and I don't think that is where Jaylen Brown thrives. I still think he struggles with his decision making a half court. I think he's great as your number three guy on a team. I don't think you can count on him every single night and we've seen that he's inconsistent with his shot his inconsistent with his decision making is passing ability. So I think they're in trouble if if Jaylen Brown's gotta be your number two guy. I think the Celtics are not a team that can win or compete for a conference title. All right..

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