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Now off the beaten tracks can still be a very well known location. It can still be very popular but it probably will be. Our reload will require a little bit. More standing on your part. So for me i one of those would be the baskets plastic more on just off the dingle peninsula there you can get a ferry from dingle and you go ahead for the day or you can get a ferry out and a new book. The cottages and stay there overnight and and the baskets for d. initiative's were home to pigs sayers and pig sayers Was on the high school honors irish syllabus. As an autobiography that you you just went through torture to have to study and it's probably because of this woman that the island is famous will ish is a may zing all in capital letters another island. I have to say he's going to and draw my so again and that would be skinny and again that's down you would go down. Oh my goodness gotten the name of the village. Frago go dan to get very an oak port mcghie and you can get you can go after the ferry takes an hour and a half to go out from the ferry and there's common the whole way israelite dependent as to whether you get onto the island but you can an amazing obama god is really is. It's unbelievable lucy. The gannet colonies see pumpkins on that. Chart put your neither into boats and washer. Or you're nauseous. you probably i mean roads motor. so let's do. It has nothing to do with before before we go onto that. The skelly eggs are one of those places obviously Star wars made them even more popular. There are limited numbers of boats. That can go out to this colleagues. It is whether dependent do not want to just give yourself one day just in case the weather canceled you and you definitely want to go out but also that is not necessarily safe for everyone. No i would agree now. Here's your sister. Because even though i absolutely wanted to see it is seven hundred phase bo psy level. There are no handrails. There is no safety.

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