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They said the unions of medical care and relief organizations and he's been actively lobbying for just such a release can you tell us what is the latest hamish well lost nice zeev reported twenty nine children were allowed out gupta to receive desperately needed medical treatment that they couldn't get into gupta as you heard from the syrian doctor things all desperate dead is be no medicines all or medical equipment getting into her a knife food children are actually dying of malnutrition and in my role weights oaths some along with my colleague tilt to david not we have been speaking tale president assad idols say the russian hierarchy i've lost ten days will be heard about the children with cancer trying to get a seeks far too i these children not because the seven young children with cancer that cancer is entirely treatable but they will die if they don't get help trump glad say two of them on now in their way out so in little right of hype in what has been a nazi desperate civil war i mean we should say that you and dr not are not just lobbying you've been crucial along with other people and groups for this kind of evacuating but i'm just wondering who human calling to try to make this happen well i i just like to restate you know we we all buses small this at the inaugural pitcher united nations of working terribly odd a lot of government saw but twelve months ago it will nice the day talked to they've not now i managed translate assad and pollution to let five hundred people out of aleppo so we repeated the toss we have managed to get a direct line into aside and david speak to us out this morning and said that actually we really need to get all these other children acid gupta and there about five hundred adults who desperately need medical support and and also the other thing is to get humanitarian aid in that four hundred thousand people.

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