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To get to that. 15 ft. The 10 FT mark and Um, especially with a smaller defender guarding me tonight and just trying to get to my spots and elevate and make shots. Trae Young struggled shooting five of 23 still had 21 points and 10 assists Joelle MB 31 for the Sixers, while Penn Symons scored just four points for the series. He was 15 of 45 from the free throw line. Just 33%. I wish you well from the line research. Offensively. I wasn't there. I didn't do enough of my teammates. Uh, was like there's like things I need to work with It Pretty much, says it all the Hawks going to the Eastern Conference finals at the second time in 50 years. They'll face the box Game one on Wednesday, while the Sun's take Game one of the Western Conference finals, beating the Clippers won 22 1 14 in Phoenix, Devin Booker 40 points in his first NBA triple double. Chris Paul was out because of The covid protocols. But Booker says CP three was on their minds. Yeah, we put them on face down. Uh, you know, he is our leader. You know, we lean on him for a lot. I mean, we know how disappointed he is. And frustrating is he couldn't be out here. Um for a game one of the Western Conference finals, especially knowing his his past history around this time. Stanley Cup semis Nicholas Wa scoring about a minute into overtime. The Golden Knights beat the Canadians 2 to 1. That series now tied at two games apiece. The Islanders in the Lightning, They're tied two games apiece. Game five coming up. Tonight in Tampa Golfs latest first time major champion Jon Rahm, birdies on 17 and 18 when the U. S open at Torrey Pines by one shot over Louis who stays in the 26 year old, the fourth Spaniard to win a major, the first to win the US Open. That came two weeks after his six shot lead was wiped out at the memorial because of a covid 19 test that knocked him Out of the tournament from baseball. Kyle Schwarber three home runs to beat the Mets by himself, five to to the Nationals get the women Washington Schwarber five homers and two games, tying a major league record. Speaking of major league records, the Yankees turning another triple play third one this season that ties a record came in the ninth inning. They beat the A's in New York 2 to 1 to take that series, Braves and Cardinals splitting a doubleheader in Atlanta. The Cardinals The Braves won the nightcap. One Nothing after the Cardinals took the first game 9 to 1, the Braves of another doubleheader Today in New York against the Mets, The Giants still have a game and a half lean on the Dodgers in the N L. West Giants pounded the Phillies 11 to 2 couple of home runs for Wilmer Flores. While the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 98. Arizona has lost 17 in a row. They have lost 40. Of their last 45. The Astros have won seven straight, beat the White Sox 8 to 2 of their in a virtual tie with the A's in the West. There's a virtual time the NL Central Cubs and Brewers cubs like the Marlins to nothing. The Brewers topped the Rockies final score 7 to 6 and now It doesn't take much to surprise this bouncing baby boy. This is honestly the most stunned. I have ever been on the show to a news buddy. A show is stunned to a news. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not a big fan of movies where the dog is the main character. So this story right here. Has basically got a Hollywood script written all over Tobin and Beethoven to an air Bud. Seven. I hated all air.

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