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It's almost four weeks ago. On DH when I and you know who created Facebook just this resource is that our parents had somebody posted, you know, set up his book. Somebody set up the website. And we started getting some traction got some exposure, local media and then the Washington Free beacon came and from there, I was invited to Tucker. By the time I invite was invited to Thacker, we probably head somewhere about 300 visitor to our website. By now we have well over 800,000 Wow. Wow and we're getting. It's incredible. We are getting tense off thousands off messages and e mails. Parents from all over the country are telling us their stories. Um, uh, I literally cried because you're here. You feel the agony you feel the anxiety you feel They're kind of their laws. They don't know what to do. Many stories so self parents that try to push back But there was a total stonewall. Even if they're present the case to our school boards. The school board is indifference. They are kind of move ahead. One of the interesting thing also that we found out That there are some forces that are pushing it. You talked about be Ellen. Indeed. While there were and I think that was the strategy that was plan while we all were destructed with the riots. Everybody was paying attention to the horrible riots there. Already, the leadership moved to the schools and putting off course around America. All the curriculum. That they are, you know, within the Russian political racial theory. They have just enormous wealth ofthe books off videos. Everything was set up in place and from first day ofthe kids in school. They were ready to go. There was no let us think less us work less is compiled. Everything was ready to go. All the material that was put together by the black life matter. Ready to go on the first day of school. It was that math. It was not history. It was. No it was the BLM agenda was already In full blown get ready to go The other hand, we have another organization that was also ready to go. But they've been doing that already for several years, but now they got really open doors to do even more is the Plant Parenthood. A comprehensive sex education, which I believed might be even more dangerous than what BLM is doing, because there are undermining the very foundation off the human humanity and human existence. No, I think you're absolutely right and spot on with us. I mean, it just it is. It's really unbelievable to think about how many parents and how many different school districts across the country are experiencing this And you brought up a very good point, because it is it. It's heartbreaking to hear some of these stories. What they're teaching kids through this. This. This misrepresentation of education is incredibly dangerous and destructive to a child's well being, because these air, very young, impressionable Children that are being taught there is something wrong with them because of their skin color, or if they're a male. And they're made to feel shame over who they are. And as a parent, you're job is to protect your Children. You see them being taught these destructive things in schools without even being told that here's a new curriculum, we're going to be teaching your kids. That's right. You know, there's a lot off pointing fingers of blame and guilt on the wife, kids where this is what they were born with. They don't understand it. Why? Because the color of the skin is different. There should be guilty of something that there are no was not responsible for its God given and that's the way they were born. What they're doing. I'm looking at it all. So from a professional perspective. Cause I was trained in my bachelor degree as a clinical social worker. And then when I moved on in my master's and doctor, they went to more to the macro field off programming planning policy and then research. But then when you look at the basic human interaction off, kids, kids, kids, you're teaching them from a very, very young edge. To look at people best on the color to judge them. Based on the color opposite off. What? Martin Luther King has been teaching us. So when the kids are interacting was okay. Here are black kids and or color kid in a white kid, you black kid. When you look at the white kid, you're right away, blamed them for whatever is going wrong in your life because they're white, and they're responsible for whatever. It's not working for you and you are telling the white kids you know, they're that's in one of the book that they give up Kenny Garden two thirds to a start. Great toe look. Att Ah basic book about Ray's telling the kids, the white kids, You know, you should be careful because even the way you look at somebody the way maybe you feel Things that nobody can really understand you already guilty of your races. I was reading one school and others in Virginia in Loudon County. They have they have been dealing with this Pennsylvania. There was a district that was mandating white supremacy lessons for kindergartners, the Loudon County School district in Virginia. They were working with the left wing group teaching tolerance to develop new curriculum about slavery. There was also the 16 19 project from The New York Times, which even the originator of that said it wasn't historically based that it was very much activism and that was even being introduced in our schools. I think it will. Do you think that previously before the lock down? We were maybe so distracted with just day to day living. His parents are that we did not see this creeping up in our schools. And now because of the lock down we had I mean, a lot of our kids are our online learning were seen at firsthand. Indeed, however, this has didn't start today. Forces has been going on for a while, but many times it wasn't in subliminal. And you wouldn't notice. But now that they had, you know George Floyd killing give them really the door that they needed to just run into Anna. Do it full blown. We know that it's political more than anything else. They used George Floyd really unfortunate that killing the horrible killing of George Ploy as an excuse. We know it's not about black life. We know it's not about advancing. The conditions ofthe black people in the community is not about you. It's not academic, either. It's not about academia, either. It's absolutely it very much is a you know, it's anti academic because Aching precious time from teaching kids the skill that they know that they need in order to function in society and to advance and maximize on the potential and that branding brainwashing them into some doctrine. That's going to give them nothing in life except destruction, right? Absolutely. The website is no left turn dot us. You could go there and reach out and because I know parents everywhere now organizing is a reason why a lot of people are home schooling now. Dr Alana you're fighting with and that I would add one thing If you don't mind because off the outpouring, support and cry for help. We are going to start in the next few days, opening chapters all across the country off. No left turn. There are a lot of volunteers already from all over the country. Many states that they are ready to go and start opening starts up there so Parents will have a place to go. We're goingto organized for action. It's not just a website to get information. It's a website to empower and energized people in orderto act because we got to stop it. We gotta push back and we cannot let them just roll over us. I did took my kids out of school. And put them in a private school that does not write indoctrinate them because they're many part of school that do doctrine it against him. But this is not a solution because the problem is not a personal problem. I took my kids out, but the society is changing, and those kids are going to go on the street and infect all of our life. So don't look for you know a personal solution of private solution. You took your kids out of it something off the problem. You did exactly what I was going to be infected. And it has to be approached That way. Dr. Fish find no left turn dot us and find them on Facebook as well. So appreciate you speaking out and doing this and Really rallying a lot of parents around the country..

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