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Wars will be kicking off at five. Pm absolutely free link is in the chat. Fill free book market. Save its share. It live fights coming to promotion was up. Everybody this is show kid. Just reminding you to tune into the box voice. Channel youtube september eighteenth boorda was twelve is going down watertown wisconsin. This quick psa man. I'm trying to figure out how. Gaza hunting and twenty six pounds. He gets tied in one hundred twenty six. This is this is. This can't be true in this. Is the god give sit. The fuck was show kit. Come on nobody wants to join a big hug. Dooney mario's cousin referee. Please stop this guy for holding please. I got thousand people coming out to see me. Nobody wants to see this guy. Home helped me out right. People actually me all week at you. Knockout george baker. Show get. Who's gonna be in the fish. Nobody's worthy but i might do rematch with or jose. All ages knockout king for the fun. I'm flip a coin. We'll see who's next once again tuning. September eighteenth she showcased not joining the fuck out. Let's go go love this. I'm loving this. I seen a few already seen show kids. That is crazy. Oh shut out. The show.

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