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President Trump, The Deal, Mandela Newark Post discussed on Morning Edition


Conservative national review it joins me in the studio good morning john it's great to be here thanks we are glad to have you here i just call this a deal cut by the president and his new favorite democrats this chuck in nancy chuck schumer and nancy pelosi a lot of republicans have reacted with horror to this deal what's your take yeah i think part of the problem is is personal it's not really a deal right a deal well if you read art of the deal it involves this thing where you go back and forth and negotiate this is his instead what my friend said mandela newark post called the art of the neil where basically in a ugh serve glandular impulsive moment donald trump just decided to take chuck in nancy's first offer that is some fantastic negotiating there were you just take the opening bid at face value and agreed to it and i think that for a lot of republicans and conservatives the issue isn't so much the the nittygritty of the policy of a threemonth delay so that it just shows his willingness to be so impulsive and not strategic and not think things through as a concert who's a critic of donald trump i always feared that he was sort of a loan son roh lonesome roads in a better suit it turns out he might be chauncey gardner in a worse one more than you but as lunch and rose with the ira look at my header at lunch arose as a populist demagogue in the movie a face in the crowd wonderful movie in a real threat and jonty gardner was the hapless guy who didn't actually understand how washington works in the movie being there and uh so much of what donald trump has been doing has been sort of in the moment impulsive things that he doesn't think through and republicans are now wearing that he just isn't someone they can deal with is it possible though that what he's thinking went with this deal now why he likes it is that it opens the path to free time freeing of congress to focus on some of the items of his agenda.

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