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Personal protective equipment store you're up to speed on right late start in the Nile at the national policy level means there isn't enough of anything at the tactical seeing desperately sick patients everyday level as we've talked about on this program that is a manufacturing problem to be sure and as with most manufacturing problems therein lies a supply chain problem marketplace's Sabri Benesch yours on that one the shortages of important medical materials have inspired fear among many Americans Michael steam out as CEO of the coalition for a prosperous America we can't produce enough ventilators we can't produce face masks hospital grounds or in sufficient quantities gloves most latex glove gloves are made in Malaysia some countries like China haven't been able to produce what they normally export to us other places like the European Union have actively limited exports and intend to hoard supplies Emily Blanchard is professor of economics at Dartmouth's tuck school of business she says there is an upside to interdependence it also means potentially more resilience to shocks it at home and then the rest of the world having a diversified global supply chain can mean you have a lot of different backup sources as long as governments don't throw up barriers if governments will stop raising barriers during the difficult times then it's a really not risky to depend on each other and in fact that's a great way for humanity to protect itself against something like a pandemic a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation last week to start tackling the current supply problem it would have pharmaceutical companies report to the FDA just how much of their active pharmaceutical ingredients they get from suppliers in different countries on and NIHR is professor of operations and supply chain management at Michigan State University one needs to have a good understanding of what that capacity looks like you for instance certain factory closures might happen due to kind of situation that you're facing now finally don't miss Blanchard says the US should have better stockpiles.

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