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Nights means one thing means andy iskoe cohosting as usual and in studio a i good to see larry sorenson coming up former major league pitcher and also working wake forest last several years color commentator on the sports including wake forest football clawson in the demon deacons good solid effort last year to be interesting to get his breakdown of the acc and then our number two are good powell one of the better broadcasters in the country roxy bernstein well the optimistic news for week forest is at the west gate for the acc championship there the fifth choice in the fifth choice in the acc that's the good news the bad news is there forty two one because clemson is a prohibitive favorite miami virginia tech and florida state are all six to one or less so even though wake forest is according to this expected to be a competitive team realistically as a fourteen race in the acc it'll be interesting and again the acc joe lisi he thinks louisville's a sleeper with the young kid pass the quarterback great name for a quarterback louisville will get tested early alabama so pacino will have an opportunity to have his young quarterback tested against arguably the best or at least certainly amongst the best defense is in the nation even though it will be early so once conference play starts facing clinton still have an outstanding defense the rest of the conference we don't know but playing alabama for the first game of the season is usually not a good thing but when you're louisville and breaking in a replacement or successor to lamar jackson probably a good thing because things generally will get easier from that week on all right so world cup of course the final coming up on sunday with croatia and france thirdplace game on saturday and kind of you know little lackluster there with the third place game england and belgium coming up saturday finals as far as the ladies it'll be angelique kerber going against serena williams williams very effective today taking care of business and you know kerber straightset victory as well over us and co and boy and thinking it's going to be pretty good i like angelique kerber i think she's going to give serena pretty good match yes one of the things you know we talk i don't believe you and i talked about it but it's been discussed about the situation with serena because of her her absence from the tour with childbirth and all that and as a result of the actual siege none of the top ten women made it clearly a top ten seed that should have been seated and really when you think about it in those terms that's unfair to the to the players if she had to play along the way because she should have been playing better players along the way now once you get past the first couple of rounds your plan you know other seeded player so you know it's not as though she had a walkover really throughout chose that the decision that wimbledon made his forest seating goes going forward you should have been implemented this year all right angelique kerber six three six three over ostapenko and then serena williams over girgis six two six four and tomorrow morning the men's semi finals and i think they're both good match ups i like kevin anderson and john is new to the guys with the biggest serves number eight and nine seats and then jovic number twelve rafi nidal number two but like serena williams coming out of the number twenty five seat because of her giving birth just a short time ago djokovic number twelve but we've been waiting to see the joke of each of old and i think we're starting to see him any injuries sidelined him over the past year or so for periods of time but he seems to be regaining form clearly making it to the semifinals of arguably the biggest of the.

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