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Today NBA jam was released. We're talking about that video game. Because if we are playing current NBA jam rules, you're saying Kevin Durant Steph curry or off the table who would be your duo to go forward. Because obviously everyone's gonna pick them if you're trying to like win at something. So you can't pick them, right? Yeah. Right. Like, it's it's it's the Michael Vick situation from Madden came back in the day. You're not allowed to be. I'm sorry. Okay. We'll take a couple more calls on this at three one two three three two three seven seven six. I said the raptors with PASCAL come in. Kawhi leonard. That'd be the group that I would go with Sean gave us the bucks, Giannis, and Chris Milton, and you're picking I went with Joel Embiid and Jimmy baller Jimmy in buffalo grove has a good option. You're saying you can't be the warriors with clay with staff and Kevin Durant. Jimmy wants different warriors though. Go ahead. Jimmy. Jimmy, man. But no problem. Yeah. No stuffing. Katie that's cool. Are you taking them off the board? But how about this? And this is a sleep Walker. Nobody's thinking about it because they play on the same team. I'm gonna say Klay Thompson and DeMarcus cousins. With the Bolton shooters on the perimeter. An update threes, you already know Klay Thompson gets hot. It's over like you get fire. It's yeah. I'm taking off there. And then you get democracy decide he's having every single regional you're going to get the blocks with them any finishing the polls. He's talking all day. Match up with them in the league playing them. Download those that's many people. So you could definitely win that match up right there. Play defense. That's a good call there. Also leaves a third option. Iggy. And draymond. Is anyone taking that team? Well, I like it. But I don't know. Couldn't you only sub one guy usually. Yeah. Like wasn't there? Like a third alternate guy that you could sub in. So I don't know who it would be would it be would they used they probably use claim or likely? Yeah. Let's go to Mark in the south side. Who would you like it? Mark. All right. Suggest the Utah Jazz go bear and Donovan Mitchell, that's not bad. I like that was good. I liked that as a going. All right last one Jack in woodland, Jack. What do you got? Hey, guys. I'm thinking in the map with Don Dante John really capable of creating shot in a one on one and Chris out with that guy shot blocking ability and all that the Lord at a really really really popular right there. Yeah. Absolutely. And Luca's going to be a top ten player white in the next five years. Yeah. Taste. I can't wait to actually see that like live. Since we haven't yet. It's going to be incredible Chris black Dolly here singing for John hood tonight. We now are joined by Michael Lee from the athletic NBA reporter, I am we got a chance to talk with him yesterday in the conversation started off about Steph curry, we were just talking about stepping K. Being a great NBA jammed duo. We were also talking yesterday about Steph curry possibly being underrated. We asked Michael lead. This question is Steph curry underrated. I definitely think he's underrated. I think because people have been underrating entire career. That's what I went seventeen the draft. And what I took them a while to become you know, all star. And then somebody we take seriously of the t-, but he's right up here. I mean, when you look at just the fact that he's made four straight trips to the finals won three championships against, you know, everyone says the LeBron's the greatest player ever what? Steph curry can say I have three championships off of him. You know? So he's been putting in work. And you know, I think when you take a step back and really consider all the things that he's done went into MVP leading the team to seventy three wins. You know, those are things that we're going to look back like, wow that guy was phenomenal. Any completely changed? The league, you know, everyone is obsessively pointers now because of him because of the fact that he's had on the game and in the traditional point guard like a magic or Cousy or Stockton. Even nash. Because he has that shot that he's willing to take. I mean, I think the one thing that dantonio I was wondering from Nash was that he was shoot more because he was such an efficient shooter. But he also enjoy playmaking for his teammates, much more. Steph can also do that. But his greatest strength -bility to the pressure on the defense with a shot. But he's phenomenal. And I I think that was actually at the game last night when can. Can had a little bit of conversation with them after the game. He just kept saying like after he made those comments like people just don't know how good this guy is like this guy is an all time. Great like he is phenomenal. And I couldn't really disagree with anything. He was saying because Steph curry is you know, he has changed the game. And if people can't recognize that all you gotta do is just look at the record books. He's got up all when it comes to shooting. And when it comes to leading a team to victory any data even kidding just his leadership and just what he's done. I mean think about the league and ask yourself who are the best leaders in the game. And if you try to look at each team and try to figure it out there, probably is no better leader in the league to Steph curry, so yeah, I I don't think I was outraged by any stretch, where do you rank him amongst players of this NBA generation, the LeBron's Durant, etc. Like, none of all time. Just this integration of the. NBA? Yeah. I mean, that's that's a tough one because like attack thing, you know, he's not even the best player on his team. But he's the most important, right? And that's I think that's kind of you gotta look at it. Because I I think that overall defensively just what he does as a seven foot kind of freaking nature. I think Durant is the best player on his team. But when it comes to a system in how everything revolves around him. He definitely is the most important. But I think that if he's able to win a four a four championship in five years. Yeah. That will put him in some truly elite company. And again, we're talking about that all the time. But I just think about it all the great point guard though, we think you think of Cousy Stockton. Isaiah Thomas Oscar Roberson magic, of course, he's already atop. So that's it. But if you look at everybody else that's in the conversation. Nobody else can claim the MVP. Championship that he has you know, as it has to rain, but knowing VP's. Steve Nash has to be. But no, you know, Stockton has no championships with all the assistance deals records Cousy. You know, the guy who won the championships in as an MVP. But it's of course, is a different era basketball. So I think right now you have to go LeBron, Katie and stuff. Those are the top three player that has generation from what you've seen from the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers in acquiring Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler in season. Do you think they'll be able to put together all the chemistry with Embiid and Simmons and everyone else to head into the playoffs and win the Eastern Conference? I don't think so I mean, it's just too much to ask, you know. It's not a question of talent. It's the question of timing. And when you go back to the NBA history, you gotta go all the way back in two thousand four to find the last time, but teammate NC's and trade or an high-calibre all star caliber player and one of the championship and al-rashid while and then. In the last time a team made a trade this season and wound up going to the finals with the Lakers in two thousand eight there's an eleven year gap. And when you think about it most teams that are in contention for championship. They don't make these kind of moves midseason. They don't really do that because it disrupts everything. And just how you flow rhythm guys are into the course of the season, interrupting that unless you had a piece is just going to just everything elaborated just blow up in a good way. It's really risky. So I think it's just a lot to team the jail as quickly, and you can see even just additional Jimmy Butler wasn't a natural fit. So kind of easy union, but you had a Tobias Harris, and he's like a perfect fit. But now Joel embiid's out because he's got a knee injury. So you gotta have all these pieces come together, you gotta have to accept roles and willingly do that. You know, when you assemble say, a super she. Gene, somebody be willing to be the second option that third option, and then some ass be willing to be the fourth option, and I don't know who's going to be the guy do that for Philadelphia right now. And they're going to win games because they have a lot of talent. But it's gonna be tough. Like when it gets down to the postseason is bigger out. What they hierarchies wanna be because Joel Embiid casino. Anything definitely wants to be considered man because he's got he's out for MAC. And then you've got guys will free agents. It's not even just that they acquire guys that their line. They cry guys could leave if this thing doesn't work out. So it's a lot to ask. But I also appreciate them for going for it. Because so many teams so many GM's or are scared to do their job. Sometimes the Celtics got to win the other night against the wizards. But they've lost four out of their last five they face the rockets today, what is wrong with the Celtics the last couple of weeks. Season. Yeah. Yeah. The issue with the Celtics is that you know, you look at Brad Stevens teams even going back to Butler, you always had this identity. They always had some you could quite just being the overachievers the underdogs that exceed expectations, and that sort of been the model with the Celtics when Isaiah Thomas became an all star. No one thought that this little five ten guy whatever five nine guy who's getting buckets. And you don't expect all that. But that was sort of identity. He sort of came by. We have higher European calm. And all of a sudden, you sort of have a sort of a blue. Because you have a guy who's won a championship and had this pedigree. But then he gets hurt right along with Gordon Hayward. And then you become those underdogs again. So you do things that expectations. It's easier to tell guys to get them to play above themselves to encourage them to be more than what they are to issue this year to have Brad you have to tell you less than what they think they are because everybody thinks that they're a star because of what they did and their performances in the playoffs. So now, you gotta ask guys like Jaylen Brown. Tear was year. Jason Tatum to say, hey, guys, we got Gordon Hayward. Kyrie Irving here now. So you guys need to take a step back. That's really hard to for guys who have their minds focused on become stars in this league and establishing themselves, and I think that's been a challenge for them all year is that roles haven't been clearly defined in the roles that happened to find are being accepted by the court..

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