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Maybe you don't have to go out inside Marcella Zuna, but Joey Barton Buster Posey are very different hitters. And you probably don't want to d h use it to 76 home Run hitter. No with Buster Posey be okay, accepting a part time role in 81 game a season role. Because if he is that I think that there's definitely a spot for him in the future in San Francisco Giants organization Beyond the 2021 season, which is his last guaranteed season with the club if he isn't And I think they're going to run into that inflection point a lot sooner than we think. Because After Joey Bart gets the necessary development, whether it be April May June that he needs in the minor leagues. He's gonna come up and be ready to start and when he's ready to start, he's not going to be an 81 game a year player. He's going to be a 131 35 1 40 Game a year player and that's where we run into issues. Any concern from what you saw last year offensively from from Bart didn't eat a single home run was driving the ball with regularity. Look, and I get everything that's going on. I'm assuming the answer is no. He just needs another half year of development. Is that the answer now I think there is legitimate concern you do You think I think I do think that there is legitimate concern? I also believe that Joey Barton will overcome the hurdles that he's gotten. His way. And right now, the hurdles are, he can't hit the breaking ball because he can't see it's a pretty big hurdle. Well, it is. But he also hasn't had the high level might early experience where guys learn, and he is someone who has thrived at every level of competition. He's someone who has adjusted on the fly. You know, you get him to San Jose. He gets hurt. But then when he comes back, he starts to really go on a tear. He goes up to Richmond struggles right away and double A, but then he starts to go on a tear. Had he opened the 2019 2020 season at Triple A. I think that you know, he was probably someone who who would have to 30 with one or two home runs the beginning the PCL season and by July he probably would have in the Sacramento River Cats. Best player. The Giants didn't have that scenario in 2020, and I do think that Julie Bart is strong enough mentally strong enough physically and just Good enough baseball player to overcome the breaking ball issue and eventually be a middle of the order here for this chance, so I should hang on to my Joey Barton rookie cards not used to this bicycle spokes, which it depends on how how well he performs this season. All right. Keep an eye on that. We'll talk more about all things Giants in baseball with with Hank Shulman and retirement right and retirement. That's all coming up here. Scott Reese carry Crowley rolling along here and the four o'clock hour on can be. Are these sports leader? She can't be on.

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