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Today to be held in General Dynamics, bath iron works shipyard in bath. Maine, Jill NATO, Fox News low seventies for the afternoon high with Fairweather and gusty wind up to thirty miles an hour. Breezy tonight. Low forties and clear for tomorrow, partly cloudy. We could get an afternoon shower and are high in the mid sixties. We've got a good chance of rain and thunderstorms coming in on Monday. This is Kay NSS meteorologist Steve Hamilton right now in Wichita, south way to thirteen miles per hour. A partly cloudy sky at fifty eight degrees for coverage. Twenty four seven. Listen to Cayenne SS of the free radio dot com app. Not eight seven to thirteen thirty K N S news. I'm Rodney price. This is the station you turn to first for live team. Coverage of breaking news, eight seven and thirteen thirty K N S, which does number one talk. I've got the Stephen Ted poll question on our website, Kansas radio dot com. And the question is do you use which caused public transit and the results so far in our poll? Yes. Five percent. Very occasionally fourteen percent. No eighty one percent. I think I've thought of this question the other day, I was sitting outside of one of the businesses up there in the northwest side were all those businesses. What's the name of that place, not Britney square, but new market new market square sitting out there? My wife in the side. I'm sitting there two buses come by within five minutes to city buses one passenger and understand that we have sort of a mandate in this country from government that we will provide public transit for everyone. As conveniently as possible. But doggone it, there are.

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