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Memories shortterm memories and a longterm memories are processed differently shortterm memories go through what is called the hippocampus so every time you learn a simple task all the electrodes of the hippocampus began to fire then once it fires is processed and stored around the cortex as longterm memories that's why for example people with alzheimer's lose shortterm memories cause als cameras damages the epa campus but longterm memories are intact because longterm memories are distributed throughout the surface of the cerebal cortex this is the reason why people with alzheimer's can remember their first date sixty years ago but they don't remember what they had for breakfast and that's because of the way memories are stored now is it possible to record these memories and upload and download these memories the answer is yes just a few years ago a wake forest university and the university of southern california they were able to take mice and now primates and teach them as sir britain task record the impulses across the epa caplis and create a tape recording of a memory they when they fed the memory back into the mouse or the prime made months later when a might have forgotten it bingo it remembered it on the first try so in other words we can now begin the process of recall corning simple memories and downloading simple memories now does that mean that if you get a murderer we'll be able to download the memory of the murder it's not so easy his first of all these are shortterm memories memories.

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